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How To Find Talent Through Outbound Recruiting?

Finding qualified candidates and convincing them to join their team is a real challenge for companies. Just like sales prospecting, recruiters use a prospecting tool to save time and be more efficient in their recruitment process.

Outbound Recruiting: How To Find Your Talent?

Find Talent Through Outbound Recruiting

To help you understand their approach, discover in this article how Kaspr can help you in your external recruitment process.

Reminder of what is meant by outbound recruiting

Inspired by marketing prospecting, outbound recruiting is a human resources recruitment method. It is ideal for finding qualified profiles, especially in certain sectors where it is more difficult to find candidates who meet your recruitment criteria. These professions include manual, commercial and IT jobs, etc.

Unlike inbound recruitment, which aims to attract talent, with outbound recruiting you search for potential candidates and contact them directly. The aim is to save more time in the hiring process and to find the best people.

With this method, you do not need to contact former employers to find out about the skills of your talent. Using a prospecting tool, in this case the one offered by Kaspr, allows you to obtain as much information as possible about them.

Search for the best talent

Outbound recruiting has the advantage of having a wide field of prospection and being able to find the best candidates. Professional social networks are full of talent from which you can find the ideal candidate for your vacant or newly created position.

As with business development, the first step in recruitment is to define the profile you are looking for. The creation of your persona profile is based on the characteristics of the position to be filled.

Once you have determined the qualifications and skills of the person you are looking for, you can start prospecting, for example on LinkedIn. This is the preferred platform, as it has over 722 million registered members in 2021.

Depending on your interaction with your network, LinkedIn will suggest profiles that have the same interests as you. Using the filters available on the platform, you can easily find professionals who meet your search criteria.

Kaspr also allows you to retrieve the emails and phone numbers of these contacts and export them to your ATS recruitment software. You can then build your talent file. Feel free to do some in-depth research to find out how to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Collect contact details of qualified candidates

Kaspr is a powerful and reliable lead generation tool. It allows you to retrieve your targets’ information and contact details from their LinkedIn profile. To do this, sign up for Then download the Google Chrome extension to have easy access to all the information about your targets.

The tool’s many features allow it to collect hundreds of phone numbers and email addresses in a matter of minutes. This information can then be saved on your ATS.

Approach the candidate to recruit them

Kaspr has an option that allows you to send an automatic invitation to your potential candidates. You can also send them an initial welcome message. This option allows you to spend less time in your recruitment process.

Although the operation is done automatically, the application allows you to send personalised messages increasing the chances of getting a response from your prospects. In the opposite case, you get a contact list of your talents. This way you can contact them directly.

Some of your targets may not be available or may be considering joining other companies. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to adopt the best strategy to get closer to your candidates.

Apart from contact details, you also have information about their experience, skills, interests and expectations. You can use this information to your advantage.

When opting for the outbound marketing method, it is important to take care of your company’s brand image. You should therefore present your company, talk about your objectives and the development of your business, and above all inform the targets about the opportunity to grow within your company.


Outbound recruiting is the ideal strategy for recruiting the best professionals who meet your recruitment criteria. By using the Kaspr lead generation tool, the recruitment process becomes even more efficient. It optimises your prospecting and automatically collects the contact details of your qualified talent.

With the information stored in your talent file, you can adopt a better strategy to contact your targets and move on to hiring.

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