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How to Master Football Betting

Whether you are a serial coupon winner or a once a week chance your arm kind of bettor, it can be hard to land winners. With the football weekends arrival it is likely that betting will precede the events in order to secure you some beer tokens for after the footie is done.

How to Become A Master Of Football Betting

How to Master Football Betting

Sometimes big wins can happen, remember that guy who put on a little bet at 5000/1 odds for Leicester to win the league in 2016? He must’ve had a crystal ball. But more often than not, you see yourself losing out on that 8-fold accumulator, yet again.

To sort that out we have composed a list of our top tips on how to master football betting, from simple single bets to getting involved in the BTTS acca bets.


Working odds to provide the best gambling results is 101 for every punter. After all, this is where it all matters. You want to be checking the odds and striking that fine balance between getting bang for your buck and winning the bet. Whilst it may seem appealing to go for either end of the odds spectrum with short odds offering comfort in safety, long odds the glory of a big win becomes the appeal.

At either end of the spectrum you are going to run into problems. Likelihood and probability are the name of the game when it comes to gambling. Being realistic about odds is the first step towards becoming a master gambler.

However, when you do get good odds, it is always encouraged to look to capitalise on them – particularly if you are confident in your choice – as bookies often change these odds quickly if the market reacts to their favourable odds.

Type of selection

You don’t want to catch yourself sticking on coupons with outrageously large selections on it purely chasing those 5000/1 in the hope you get a win once. Instead, by being smart about your type of selection you will make it to £5000 profit more safely and reliably.

Looking at form and conditions surrounding the game are important but making the right type of bet is just as important. This means grabbing yourself a solid treble instead of an accumulator, or even going deeper into the extensive betting market than just opting for standard match betting.

Taking advantage of the extensive options which the betting market now provides you with really good opportunities to pick up good odds on more likely things. This might mean exploring niche leagues such as regularly betting on the Hungarian Second Division or else betting on the amount of cards or corners in a game.

To be able to select these niche markets you will need to adopt one other thing though – the golden rule to mastering football betting.


Betting is a mugs game when you don’t arrive at the bookies with an army of knowledge. Knowledge after all is power. Knowing what you are betting on, how you are going to do it and most importantly, why, is the key to successfully betting on a consistent basis.

To be able to utilise the odds in your favour and equally commit to a different type of selection outside the standard, you will need to know your stuff. This means research forms and performances of teams, knowing the exact magnitude of the game and being able to identify in-form players.

Having the knowledge – which is worth getting absolutely up to date with on obscure leagues so you know it inside out for betting – means that you can exploit different markets, with better odds and with more chance of coming off.

The English Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world alongside being one of the most betted on leagues in all of sport.

Instead of consistently putting losing accumulators on this fruitless endeavour you should aim to craft a less popular league and start to look at more niche betting options even within the obscure league, that’s where the goldmine of betting is. But knowledge is the gateway to mastering football betting.

Whilst this is by no means all you need to master football betting, by following these simple steps you will certainly be on your way to mastering it. If you are struggling, there are always free online tipsters after all.

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