How to Place A Bet | The Ultimate Guide to Betting On Sports

Sports betting is seemingly everywhere these days. Whether it be online advertisements, banner ads at sports games, or television commercials, it is hard to ignore the online sports betting world.

Since 2021, Arizona has allowed online sports betting for residents of the state. If you have been considering joining the foray, it helps to know how to place a bet. It is simple if you follow the steps below.

How to Place A Bet

Sign Up for a Sportsbook

The first aspect of sports betting in Arizona is choosing a sportsbook. Just like watching live sports, it is very easy to do. There is no shortage of options to choose from, including nationally recognized names that have a track record of being trustworthy.

Welcome bonuses and promotions are perhaps the most important thing. Whether it be free bets or first bet protection, those offers are a great way to get a leg up when starting. Weigh the different welcome bonuses and compare them to find one that you can feel good about. You will find out quickly that choosing just one sportsbook is probably the most difficult part of the process.

Identify a Sport You Want to Bet on

Now that you have a sportsbook account, you are almost ready to place a bet. A common mistake that most sports bettors make is placing wagers on sports that they don’t really know. While there is no foolproof way to win when betting on sports, being armed with as much information as possible gives players a much better chance.

If you have a familiarity with one sport, stay in that lane. If you know a team or two, stick with them. Keeping it simple is the best way to go. It means being able to keep a greater focus on those wagers rather than fanning bets across teams and sports where you might not have any idea about how things will turn out.

Do Your Homework

Some bettors just make picks with their gut. That works for some, but sports betting is about more than luck. Yes, the results on the field can lead to just about anything happening but going into the situation with as much information as possible is the best-case scenario.

Find a matchup or two you like and look into things like history between the two teams, weather report, injury report, and more. Perhaps you really like the home team but find out that a key player is dealing with an injury. That kind of information can swing a bet one way or the other. It might not guarantee a win, but it will put you in a better position to do so.

Place a Bet

Now that you are ready to make a bet, it helps to walk through the process. Once logged into your online sportsbook account, find the game or sport that you feel most comfortable betting on. Keep those bets to just one or two at the beginning, and make sure that the amounts are small. Betting is entertainment and proper bankroll management will help stretch that entertainment dollar.

After making a pick, go to the bet slip where any picks can be reviewed before being finalized. The final step in the process involves the amount you are going to risk (the stake). For the most part, this is where money from the bankroll will come from. With so many sportsbook promotions happening these days, it is also the space where bonus wagers can be accessed. Whether using a bonus or posting a stake, the only thing left to do is click “bet” and hope for a winner.

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