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Tips on How to Spot a Fake Panerai Watch

Panerai brand has been known for producing the best quality watches since 1860. Their uniqueness and the precision in the making is what that makes them stand out from the rest. Panerai is one of the brands that have been known for bringing innovation in the designs and trends of watches.

Spotting Fake Panerai Luxury Watches

Panerai Replica Watches

It seems like the fashion worlds have been impressed by the innovation and luxury these watches bring to the table. Many celebrities and sportsman seem to enjoy it, as they have been seen wearing it on a couple of occasions. Seeing the success many fake companies have tried to take the benefit off someone’s else’s efforts.

As this brand is an expensive one, people keep making a fortune buy selling thee fake watches. if you are buying the watch, make sure that you are not getting fooled. here are some tips on spotting a fake Panerai watch.

1] Internal mechanism  

As mentioned earlier, Panerai watches are made with great precision. Every part of the watch is made perfectly, and in just one look you can guess that they have done the finest work. Obviously, the fake watches look rough, when you look at them there is no shine and beauty that attacks most of the people.

Even if they have spent most of their time in beautification, these watches lack the logo. Original Panerai watches tend to be very lightweight, whether the fake ones are quite heavy.

2] Dials

Original Panerai watches have sandwich dials. Usually, fake watches have almost the same dials, but for spotting the fake ones, you will have to look very closely. First thing is that you need to know what sandwich dials are.

They are green luminescent background, that is placed between the two layers. It lights up the dial in dark areas. Now the style varies from watch to watch and the batch in which these were produced, so to really spot a fake watch, you need to study the minor details.

Luminor Panerai Watches

3] The case

Panerai watches have the extremely complex technology, and it takes trained craftsmanship to get the level of perfection. Because of this noble technique, they are required to be reserved in reliable cases. If you look closely at a Panerai watch, you can easily spot the originality of the cases.

Usually, the people who are copying the watches try to save up money and do not invest much in the cases. The cases are specifically designed to fit on every wrist. If you buy a watch from a local brand, you will easily spot that they are not comfortable at all.

Whereas Panerai watches’ cases are styles to give you some class and comfort side by side. One of the best ways to spot a fake watch is to keenly observe an original one first.

You can learn from these writing all you want, but when you have a thing in your hand you can make a better observation of it. This way when you put your hands on a fake watch, you will automatically start to compare the differences.

4] Engravings

It doesn’t matter if you are buying a watch or a piece of jewelry, the engravings give away the fake ones. Engraving defines the finishing of the product. Usually, highly priced brands, take care of watch they are engraving as they are going to leave permanent marks.

Panerai watches are engraved with laser light so that every little detail is on point. Usually, the fake watches lack such fine work. They are engraved using highly reactive acids, which leave a spot on the surface.

When buying a watch have a close look at the engravings. If you are short-sighted, do not hesitate to ask for a magnifying glass.

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