How to Tell That An Online Casino Is Legit

The industry of online casinos seems to never stop growing with new venues being opened month after month. And while this should be a reason for players to be happy that they’re getting more places where they can enjoy their favorite online slots, it’s not always the case.

Online Casino Is Legit

You see, some of the online casinos that are being launched, have no interest in delivering a good experience to players. Instead, these casinos are established with the sole idea of making a quick buck on the expense of players that are not sufficiently informed to stay away.

In this article, we will tell you everything about what you need to look for to decide if an online casino is legit or not.


The most important piece of information that tells you if a casino is above the board or not, is the licensing information it carries. In order for a casino to function, it needs to hold a license issued by any of the authorities in charge of doing so.

However, every now and then, websites that try to make money easily pose as legitimate casinos without having a license. The first thing you need to look for when trying to establish if the casino is licensed or not, is looking at the footer of the casino homepage.

Here, you should either see the logo of the regulatory body or some detailed information about the license, by whom it was issued, how long it is valid and so on.

The most respected licensing authorities in the iGaming industry are the Malta Gaming Authority, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Swedish Gambling Authority and the government of Gibraltar or Curacao.

Free Bonuses

Even though it may seem like this is a method that shady casinos use to bring in players, free bonuses can actually be a good indicator of a legit casino. The logic behind this is quite simple. A trustworthy casino will never think twice about issuing free bonuses to players in an attempt of getting their business.

Even though if this means accepting a little loss on their side, the potential of business they get is always going to even out things. So, whenever you see a casino that doesn’t offer anything for free, and you also can’t verify their license, you have all the reasons to be wary.

Legit Online Casino

Speed of Withdrawals

Another trait of a top casino online is linked to the speed with which they handle withdrawal requests. Just like with the free bonuses, any online casino that comes up with bogus reasons to stall your withdrawal should be treated with care.

Of course, this doesn’t include the necessary delay caused by the KYC procedures. KYC stands for Know Your Customer and it’s a process that every licensed casino needs to go through with every depositing customer that also requests a withdrawal.

It has a lot to do with Anti Money Laundering procedures that casinos are obliged to follow and there’s no need to feel targeted when you’re asked to send extra docs or check your identity.

A great online casino will always keep you informed regarding your withdrawal and process the payment in the shortest time possible. Thanks to advances in technology, withdrawals requested via ewallets like Skrill or Neteller are usually processed in a matter of hours, while credit cards can take up to 2 business days.

Whenever you see that these periods are not respected and you don’t have any word from the casino, it’s normal to get worried and ask for more details about your payment.

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