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New Era Holds New Fields: Here’s How You Can Follow Your Calling

With technological advancement taking over the world, humans are progressing every day, discovering innovative and valuable ways of improving how they commit to their daily activities. Now that the world is undergoing a colossal pandemic, the future has become even more uncertain than before.

Newcomers are hardly finding appealing programs that enhance their experiential learning, which hinders getting them started on their careers.

How You Can Follow Your Calling

However, newer industries with lower hierarchies accept and call for the more recent generations because they believe it will help them in an economic boom. We call it “Innovation Economics,” where newer positions, better chances of developing digital skills, and higher incomes are available to new arrivals.

Since it’s a digital and data-driven economy, it demands adaptive and creative workers bring up innovative and original ideas for technical developments in the various fields that are the talk-of-the-town today. These individuals are examined for their social abilities and flexibilities because such jobs require life-long learners and developers.

Considering that, it is essential to know which one of the careers popular in this era can be the one for you. For your convenience, we have created a list of promising careers to help you figure out your calling.

Construction Manager

The construction industry has benefited from excellent growth opportunities and has shown significant progress in the past couple of years. It is currently one of the industries with the most certain growth prospect.

Those interested in specializing in this field often wonder how to become a construction manager because being at a management level could help them become more skilled. This kind of career enables you to bridge the gap between office and fieldwork, allowing you exciting breaks where you can use your experience and skills efficiently.

Working as a construction manager would broaden your skillset and reward you with excellent pay. Your job will ask you to supervise professional contractors and other on-site individuals by scheduling their tasks and maintaining coordination.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has taken up a large part of the internet today. Be it social media, emails, blogs, or even Google searches, we see advertisements everywhere. Especially after it has enabled businesses to experience globalization and target a broader, yet more specific, audience.

Marketing tools and their area of practice are expanding, leaving organizations searching for individuals with imaginative and unique mindsets to develop effective marketing strategies.

The industrial rivalry is going off-bounds, and the audience’s attention spans are decreasing every day, increasing the demand for digital marketers. It is an excellent career choice for individuals with challenging technical abilities and analytical thinking skills.

It allows you to showcase your strategic mindset and pave the road to success for your business. The educational programs for digital marketing are exciting and more experiential than theory to become more skilled and proficient.

Software Development

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, it opens new doors for program developers to design, introduce and experiment with new ideas.

We often don’t notice the several software we use every day; for instance, your phone alarm, the notes on your laptop, the song playing in your car, your workout application, your social media timeline – the list is too long to keep a count of.

But it does give us an idea of how vast a software developer’s career is and how they contribute to making our lives easier every passing day.

If this interests you, and you have no qualms about gaining technical expertise, then this might be the career for you. It’s a long-lasting and ever-growing field, offering job opportunities to several individuals intrigued by program designing. Although, each program development requires immense focus and time management.

You will have to learn several new computer languages, start new projects from scratch, and type in comprehensive code. You could also take up tasks to update and check upon an already existing code, comprehend its coding, and fix software bugs.

Cyber Security

Not only people or business firms but governmental institutions are also becoming heavily digital. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even the wars in the future could happen online.

Influential organizations have easy access to crucial information and can easily collect data about almost anyone on this planet. It makes them the owner of massive databases; now, even medium-sized business firms possess extensive sensitive customer data.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, which is why the owner of such data is now the target of alarmingly increasing cybercrimes. Hence, cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses globally and hiring professionals to help them enhance their performance.

As an individual pursuing this career, you will find countless opportunities to work with different organizations. You will have to be skilled enough to protect networks from unauthorized access, damage, loss, or hacking-attack. Such a job would require you to be vigilant, prompt, and analytical in your decision-making.

Medical and Health Service Manager

The Healthcare industry is the most vital and primary economic sector everywhere in the world. After the discovery of the infectious Corona Virus, there was an instant need for more healthcare workers.

It opened doors to several new job opportunities for medical students, revealing how extensive and complicated the process of providing health services is.

There has been a rise in demand for medical and health service managers as things become even more complex and management of daily operations became a dire necessity in health care centers.

This career field would offer you promising and growing employment and a lot of responsibilities. You will have to coordinate with other care providers like nurses and doctors, keep up medical records, schedule appointments, manage and collect payments and so much more. To become a health service manager, you would need at least a bachelor’s degree in the field and some field experience.


In a nutshell, despite the uncertainty of the ongoing situation and seemingly despairing future, the world is gradually becoming used to the new normal. It is opening new doors to a bright future, but it’s essential to choose your career wisely so that you reap the full benefits of it.

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