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An Introduction To Instagram Branded Content For New Businesses

Instagram is a dynamic social media platform to build brand authority, boost brand awareness, and promote goods and services. It’s also among the best spots to invest your money by partnering with content creators to produce engaging and authentic content that offers a significant return on investment.

Instagram marketing consists of strategies and techniques that’ll help take your business to the next level. But for now, it would be best to focus on Instagram branded content, an effective marketing tool utilized by businesses on the app.

Introduction To Instagram Branded Content

This article will introduce you to Instagram branded content and everything there is to know about it, from top to bottom.

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What Is Instagram Branded Content?

Have you noticed some posts on Instagram labeled as ‘Paid partnership with [business name]?’ Such pieces of content are examples of branded content.

Branded content is any content produced by a content creator featuring a brand in exchange for value, such as products, money, and other forms of compensation. It’s publicly disclosed content saying that a creator, celebrity, or famous influencer has been paid to support a business.

Therefore, if your company collaborates with an influencer and compensates them for posting on Instagram, you’ll be labeled as a ‘branded partner.’ And they will tag you on their posts via Instagram Branded Content settings.

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Why Should You Use Instagram Branded Content?

Here are some reasons why you should consider using branded content for your Instagram marketing strategy.

It Improves Audience Reach

Of course, consistently posting content is a good strategy to connect with your existing followers. But what about those people who aren’t following you? How will you be able to reach them?

This is where branded content comes into play. Branded content may help position your brand in the spotlight and garner the attention of potential followers.

If you’re still not convinced, check out this data: a micro-influencer referred to as social media content creators usually have a small but devoted following count of 1,000 to 100,000, while macro-influencers which are celebrities and famous people are being followed by millions of users. As you can see, that’s the potential reach you might miss out on in a campaign without branded content.

It’s Not Pushy

One of the things most people hate is invasive and aggressive ads, such as banner ads and other forms of traditional advertising. But this is not the case when it comes to branded content. Branded posts from influencers look natural, authentic, and appealing, eliminating any hint of annoying old-fashioned ads.

It’s Reliable And Authentic

Influencers spend a lot of time building their own empire on Instagram, filled with loyal, nurturing, and engaging communities. You can be sure that their followers are authentic and reliable.

Their loyal followers would always consider their posts like a good recommendation from a family or friend, contradictory to what they might feel when seeing paid ads. That’s why creating branded content is essential because influencers can affect the buying process of their followers.

What Is The Branded Content Tool On Instagram?

A branded content tool will help you and your influencers to collaborate and produce branded content efficiently. It primarily performs two important processes.

  • It helps influencers to disclose paid sponsorships.
  • It allows businesses to check on insights to evaluate the performance of their branded content.

If you use the tool, the content will be tagged using paid partnership and be labeled as ‘In partnership with or Paid partnership with [business name].’ Interested followers may tap into branded posts, and they’ll be redirected to your profile.

What Are Things You Can Do With The Branded Content Tool?

Here are the most important features of the branded content tool.

Approving A Partner

Instagram allows you to have full control over those who want to tag you as a branded partner. Before you approve it, communicate and organize everything with the influencer who reaches out to you. Once everything’s settled, you can approve them as your branded content partner.

This feature ensures that no one will be able to tag you without your permission. Also, it prevents someone from damaging your hard-earned reputation. You may find this feature in your Instagram business account settings.

Viewing Content Insights

Insights are one of the most important features of the branded content tool. It allows you to track and monitor the branded content posts to which your business is linked. With this, you’ll be able to analyze the performance of your influencer’s branded posts and determine which parts of your strategy need improvements.

On top of that, the insights feature allows you to view engagements and market reach for every branded post. You can also check the number of exits, taps, replies, and reach of branded stories within 14 days after going live.

Setting Up Branded Content Ads

Turning your branded content into ads is one way that will help you significantly boost your reach and increase your return on investment. With the help of the branded content tool, influencers may permit you to reuse their content as paid ads.

You may also use the Ads Manager feature to create ads. However, make sure that your influencer has granted you access and that your content meets the required guidelines for ad promotions.

Measure Ads Performance

Using the Ads Manager feature, you’ll be able to track the performance of your ads once they go live. If your influencer is the one who sets up the ads, you’ll only view insights related to ad performance. Still, you may use them to improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

Final Words

One way to maximize Instagram for business is by collaborating with influencers and content creators to produce branded content.

Many people welcome branded content because it’s not intrusive and just feels like a natural recommendation from a friend. This kind of marketing approach yields better engagement results and higher reach, resulting in organic growth and increased business revenue.

So, there’s no reason not to include it in your Instagram marketing strategy. That said, consider all the information mentioned above for your business to thrive on this effective social media platform.

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