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Is It Worth Receiving Fax From Your Gmail?

Although people have been experiencing a lot of difficulties recently while using fax machines, an online solution has been found. With the introduction of Google faxing service, sending a fax is now fast, affordable and easy.

This service has done a lot of good for many businesses as they can be able to send fax conveniently and on different internet enabled devices.

Worth Receiving Fax From Your Gmail


Also, Google fax is an environmental friendly service that saves time and money. As seen on latest google fax service reviews, there are several reasons why Google fax is worth using. This includes.

1] Supports different document formats

Unlike fax machines, you are not limited in the image format that you can use.  This is because; Gmail fax supports multiple document and image formats and in fact, Gmail fax can automatically convert images into a format that is compatible with most fax machines.

If you want to read your images from a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, Gmail fax converts the image to a PDF document within seconds.

2] Clear and quality content

Another reason to use Gmail fax is that it maintains the quality and clarity of the document. This is because; the process does not involve scanning which reduces the clarity of a document. Therefore, the receiver of the fax will receive a document that is very clear. This means that they can be able to read content with ease.

3] Has made faxing services portable

In the earlier times, it was very hard to transport a fax machine from one location to the next. Luckily, Google fax enables you to send fax on your mobile device from wherever you are.

Also, when you receive a fax, you will be notified through your mobile device. This brings a lot of convenience as you will not have to go to a fax machine to read your messages.

4] Flexibility

The other reason why using Gmail fax is worth using is because of its flexibility.  This means that with a Gmail fax, you can be able to print the page that you need. This is unlike using a fax machine that requires you to print the whole document as received.

5] Speed

With Gmail fax, you get a lot of speed when it comes to sending and receiving fax messages. Unlike in a fax machine, using Gmail fax is simple as the whole process is fully automated. Furthermore, the service comes with features such as fax scheduling, broadcasting and forwarding.

6] Affordability

Using Gmail fax is more affordable than a fax machine as the service starts at $8. In addition, you can receive a 30-day trial meaning that you do not have to pay for it immediately. On the other hand, you get to save money that you could have otherwise spent on dedicated fax lines, printing paper or toner.

7] Security


Google fax uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that your documents are safe when on transit. This ensures that you can send confidential documents without any worry at all.

8] Reliability

Using Google fax is more reliable than using legacy fax machines. This is because, you will not be faced with busy phone lines, missed faxes and paper jams.

9] Environmental friendly

With Google fax, you can print only what you need and this reduces the amount of paper that you use. As a result, this saves a lot of trees. Therefore, Gmail fax is friendly to the environment.


Google fax has simplified the process of sending fax as you no longer need a phone line or a fax machine to send fax messages. All you need is a laptop, desktop, smartphone and an internet connection.

The good thing is that you can easily get a fax number from local and online providers. Also, Google fax is more affordable than sending fax via a fax machine and this is beneficial to both businesses and individuals.

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