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7 Kinds of Training Courses That Dramatically Increase Your Employment Eligibility

Anyone who is thinking about completing an educational course is probably doing so either because they genuinely want to develop a new skill for their own benefit, or for the purpose of enhancing their career. Generally, most people are pursuing further education for the latter reason – career advancement.

Training Courses

Of course, with that goal in mind, it wouldn’t make sense to complete a course that isn’t going to make you a highly eligible job candidate for a variety of positions.

Unfortunately, many students make the mistake of spending months or even years obtaining credentials that are only going to make them appealing candidates within a very specific set of industries, or maybe even within just one industry.

If you’re interested in taking a more versatile approach to developing a career path that will provide an abundance of employment opportunities, it would be wise to obtain a certification that can quickly position you as an ideal candidate for many different jobs. For starters, check out the following seven kinds of educational courses that will do just that.

1] Microsoft Excel Courses

Market research has proven that more than 80% of businesses use Microsoft Excel to some extent. That’s a remarkably notable statistic because it means that anyone who specialises in using Excel has a decent chance of being hired by the vast majority of companies in any industry.

Mastering Excel will give you the ability to manage and utilise data in a manner that facilitates maximum productivity and flawless clerical accuracy.

You can use a course directory platform like to compare Excel courses, as there are many options to choose from in this regard. Once you’re done becoming a master at Excel, you can browse through their database of more than 4,000 course providers and universities to continue advancing your career.

While you’re still in the mindset of learning Excel, you may want to take some courses related to Microsoft Office products, like Word.

2] European Computer Driving License (ECDL) Course

A European Computer Driving License is a lot like a license for operating a vehicle in that it proves you’re competent enough to operate a computer in a safe and effective manner.

This is a globally recognised credential that will reflect positively on your CV in most situations simply because it shows that you have a well-rounded knowledge of IT and performing digital tasks with a high level of proficiency.

Another reason why this is a great option for improving your CV fast is because you can complete an ECDL course programme in just 15 weeks.

That’s a much more desirable study course than having to commit years of your life to obtaining an IT degree. While you can still pursue a degree later on, an ECDL course is by far the fastest way to put a meaningful IT credential on your CV.

3] Business Administration

Anyone who holds certification in business management instantly becomes an asset to the majority of companies for obvious reasons. Company owners and managers are always looking for employees who are capable of taking the reins in the event of an increased workload or emergency scheduling need.

You don’t necessarily need to obtain a degree in business administration in order to show that you’re a competent business administrator, as there are dozens of courses that will add shiny stars to your CV in a matter of weeks.

However, the upside is that if you do decide to go the degree route, it usually only takes about 2 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Ironically, you may never need to go that far, as even having a certificate from a course completion could be enough to land you an equally high-paying job.

4] Communication

Knowing how to communicate effectively is a pivotal skill set that everyone should eventually build upon, as it will not only look good on your CV, but will also help you perform better during job interviews, meetings, and other forms of corporate interaction.

Communication is a broad-arching field, so there are many different courses and degree programmes that can be pursued within this section of academia.

However, if you think about it, they are all really leading you to the same end destination – a new credential on your CV that proves you’re an excellent communicator.

From that perspective,it makes just as much sense to opt for an online course that only takes a few weeks to complete as it does to enrolon a degree programme that will take years to graduate from.

5] Marketing

Marketing is an essential component within every industry because it is literally the backbone of a brand’s promotional efforts. Without marketing, companies simply can’t achieve optimal growth and expansion. In fact, effective marketing is often the only thing that separates successful companies from those that go under.


With that understanding of the importance of marketing in mind, it’s easy to see why having any sort of certified specialisation as a professional marketer would make you a more appealing team member to bring on board in the corporate environment.

Marketing courses will also show you techniques that can be implemented within your own business endeavours, so you’re not just improving your ability to get hired in the corporate realm, you’re also boosting your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur. Ultimately, marketing is a topic that every serious business professional should become familiar with.

6] Customer Service

Customer service is an unavoidable aspect of business operation in any industry that deals with consumers, which includes the majority of companies in existence. While there are degree programmes that would give you the best possible credentials in this field, there are also courses that offer ample certification to land you many of the same jobs.

Logically speaking, it makes more sense to start with a course certification and see how far that takes you, as the salaries and income potential within customer service are generally limited regardless of whether you have a degree, certification, or just extensive experience.

7] Financial Management

Financial management sits at the centre of every company’s success, and hiring managers generally favour applicants who can prove that they have a solid understanding of financial management. Even if you’re not intersected in becoming an accountant, a financial course will give you an extra advantage when applying for any job that involves handling money and finances.

Plus, taking a finance course provides a double benefit because you’ll also gain the ability to better manage your own personal finances. There are many different kinds of finance courses available, but it’s probably best to start with one that’s related to corporate accounting & management or business investment.

Customer Service is a Quick and Easy Route

In closing, it’s worth noting that customer service courses can be completed in less than 2 months, and there are literally millions of customer service jobs out there just waiting on you to apply.

In fact, one could argue that this kind of course is the fastest route to the lowest possible rate of unemployment, meaning that you’ll be able to find a job just about anywhere as a customer service specialist.

These courses can be completed online and will teach you how to communicate with customers and solve problems in order to facilitate the highest possible customer satisfaction rates for your company or employer.

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