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Mighty Micronutrients – What They’re Good for And Where to Get Them

Many of us are likely to fall victim to malnutrition when it comes to micronutrients. So, what are micronutrients? These are vitamins and minerals which are vital for the general functioning of the body.

Vitamins boost energy levels, fend off diseases, and ensure you are healthy. On the other hand, minerals facilitate fluid balance, healthy bones, growth, and much more.

Mighty Micronutrients

Why isn’t there a fuss about macronutrients? It’s easier to get macronutrients from our regular diet since they make up much of our consumption.

They include carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. The kilojoules manufactured from the three are essential for developing our tissues and muscles.

But if you desire a build-up of muscles or keep hitting the gym often, you should consider protein supplements such as Dymatize – ISO 100, Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standard 100% Whey, Muscle Pharm – combat 100% whey, and Ghost – Whey.

To help you gain mass, you could also opt for Max’s – Clean Mass, Optimum Nutrition – Gold Standard Gainer, PranaOn – Natural Mass Protein, and Muscle Pharm – Combat XL Mass Gainer.

Although most people are okay with a low intake of micronutrients, it is necessary to take an adequate amount. Without enough micronutrients, there are health consequences.

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Zinc boosts your immune system, promotes protein synthesis, and rehabilitates injuries. For men, it also ensures adequate testosterone levels. What happens when it is lacking in the body?

Since training leads to muscle injury, its healing is affected, and you will probably feel tired faster. Low thyroid hormone levels can also result, which causes weight gain and thus preventing you from meeting your fitness goal.

Your body only requires a small amount of zinc. Foods that provide zinc include meat, legumes, poultry, nuts, seeds, eggs, and dairy.

The supplements market has a few options to help fulfil this dietary need. They include Switch Nutrition – Adrenal Switch + Vitality Switch Combo, Muscle Nation – 100% NATURAL DAILY GREENS, White Wolf Nutrition – Greens + Gut Health & Immunity, Rule 1 – R1 Train Daily Multi-Vitamin.


For the typical functioning of your muscles, bone formation, and metabolism, magnesium can help. Since it enables muscle contraction, your strength and functioning of the muscles are dependent on it. That’s not all – it ensures an electrolytes balance by regulating your blood pressure.

If you tend to experience insomnia, the nutrient also promotes a night of good quality sleep.

Consider high amounts of pumpkin seeds, boiled spinach, almonds, dark chocolate, black beans, and cashews to fulfil your magnesium needs.

You can also invest in a variety of multi-vitamins fitted with magnesium to supplement. Examples include Switch Nutrition – Adrenal Switch + Vitality Switch Combo, Muscle Nation – 100% Natural Daily Greens, and Rule 1 – R1 Train Daily Multi-Vitamin.


This nutrient is essential for balancing our electrolytes and maintaining fluids, preventing dehydration and promoting nerve transmission. It also enhances the functioning and recovery of muscles and curbs cramping, perfect for gym regulars.

Since the body cannot produce potassium, you should get it from lentils, bananas, white beans, squash, or coconut water.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E boosts your immunity and protects the cells from damage thanks to its antioxidants features. It’s also significant in the body’s anti-inflammation process.

With nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils, you will secure adequate Vitamin E, but green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals should do the trick to get more of the nutrient.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids help your body utilise the carbohydrate intake for more energy and build-up in your muscles.

Our bodies may respond poorly to exercise, but this nutrient makes you more conditioned and robust for your training. To increase lean mass, omega-3 promotes protein synthesis and reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

To get sufficient omega-3 fatty acids, include cod liver oil, salmon, flax seeds, sardines, chia seeds, or walnuts in your diet. But if you feel your intake may not meet the required amount, consider Pillar Performance – Ultra Omega.


Our muscles require oxygen, making iron crucial in motor and cognitive development. Iron also contributes to the production of certain hormones. Lack of iron in the body may increase fatigue and affect our immunity and its ability to fight off diseases.

To attain the required amount of iron, consider consuming lean meat, white beans, lentils, seafood, kidney beans, nuts, spinach, peas, or poultry.

For extra assurance, you might opt for Muscle Nation – 100% Natural Daily Greens.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes an effective immune system that can prevent various infections. Since it helps in the absorption of calcium, it also contributes to stronger bones. A lack of the nutrient in the body can make our muscles weak and even cause pain in the bones.

Luckily, this micronutrient is free since you can receive it from the sun. However, your geographical location, level of air pollution, and skin tone can get in the way of that. The sun may be too hot during the summer, putting you at risk of skin cancer without taking the necessary precautions.

For a Vitamin D supplement, you should consider Rule 1 – R1 Train Daily Multi-Vitamin.


If you like to spend some of your time stretching muscles to keep or remain fit at the gym, adding these nutritional supplements to your diet may be a good idea. Their importance is stated above. Nutritional add-ons ensure a healthy you!

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