Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Goal-Oriented Sales Strategy

A goal-oriented sales strategy refers to the actions of salespeople and other people in the organization regarding primary aims in sales. Every salesperson looks for effective ways to close the deal and do it ASAP.

Common Sales Mistakes to Avoid In 2020

Goal-Oriented Sales Strategy

Unfortunately, salespeople can make mistakes that could ruin the sales plan. Here are mistakes to avoid when creating a goal-oriented sales plan.

Not Putting Efforts to Know Potential Client

Sometimes salespeople approach potential clients with very little information about them. Lack of information is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Each sales lead is different and calls for a customized approach. This is the reason you should gain information and research about the client before a meeting.

No Control Over the Sales Process

During the sales process, you are away from the potential customer most of the time. This time could be utilized by your potential customer to talk with your competitors and check their offerings.

In such a scenario, the client may deliberate or delay finalizing the deal. This happens because you have no control over the sales process.

You need to maintain continuous contact with the prospect and inform about the next step. Make sure clients know what to expect from you and when.

Skipping Steps in Sales Process

The stages in the sales process depending on the product or service you are offering. Regardless of your sales strategy or how long your sales process is, you should not skip any steps in the sales process.

Skipping steps in the sales process is equivalent to omitting objectives in your goal-oriented sales plan to create problems in closing the deal.

Focusing on Self Instead of Customer

Salespeople have only one objective–reaching their sales target. This can be a significant obstacle in a goal-oriented sales plan. If the salesperson is too focused on the goal, s/he will try to move to product and pricing quickly.

This is an example of trying to close too quickly. It can go against the sales plan as the customer is more interested in knowing how your offering will solve his/her problem.

The focus on communication should be on the client. The salesperson should leave no stone unturned in understanding the prospect and their needs before proposing a solution.

Asking Wrong Questions

It is hard to engage a potential client if you are not able to strike a good conversation. The biggest obstacles to excellent communication are the wrong questions.

It will help if you ask open questions to the client that will allow the prospect to elaborate pain points, which will help you better assess the client.

Wrong Offer to the Wrong Client

One of the questions a goal-oriented salesperson should ask is, will the client need my product. Many salespeople are only interested in selling and less concerned about the client’s needs.

They list all functionalities of the product but cannot relate them to the client’s pain points. You need to be flexible and tailor the offering to meet the client’s needs.

The salespeople are required to move fast to reap business opportunities. The post explains some common mistakes in developing a goal-oriented sales strategy. Steering clear of these mistakes can ensure you can reach your sales target comfortably.

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