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3 New Hobbies To Pick Up This Year

Are you feeling a bit in a rut? Do you miss new experiences and mental stimulation? It might just be time to learn a new hobby! Taking care of yourself and your mental health is important to live a long and happy life. It has even been proven that you can improve your mental health while learning a new hobby.

Creative Hobbies To Take Up In 2021

New Hobbies To Pick Up

Get your heart pumping, your brain cells working or your creativity flowing with a brand-new activity to brighten up your life. We have curated some of the best hobbies to pick up this year. Which one will you tackle first?


No matter if you’re already a sports enthusiast or if you consider yourself more of a couch potato: try out a new type of sport this year and give your activity level a boost. Are you a runner who likes to go for a jog in the morning? Why not mix it up and try kicking the pedals of a bicycle or strapping on a pair of rollerblades?

These kinds of exercises are perfect to move your body while enjoying the fresh air and nature around you. Or is there a type of sports you used to like when you were younger that you lost track of? Why don’t you give it another shot? It can be an unbelievably rewarding feeling to get back to something you used to enjoy.


You don’t even have to exercise to get into a new sport. You can also learn the rules and start watching a new sport. Have you always wondered about the Indian craze for cricket, but have never really got into it yourself? Maybe this year could be the time to give it a try.

You can easily learn the rules of the game online and start watching the best teams in the world play. If you are already familiar with the game, you could even learn all the intricacies of the sport and start betting on your favourite team.

Given the love for cricket across India, there are a lot of betting sites around, offering bets on the popular game. You can use the complete guide to online betting in India to understand what to watch out for before placing your first bet at one of the best online bookies.

Have some friends over to watch the next tournament together and enjoy getting into a new sport.


See the world around you from a new perspective by learning to take great photos! Photography has become an increasingly popular hobby in India and worldwide. As you only need a camera for it – even your smartphone could do– it is incredibly easy to get into, and the reward is unbelievable.

Learn the best ways to take photos, find out about the golden ratio in photography, and understand how to best use light to make your photographs shine.


There is a ton of materials available online to learn photography easily, no matter which level you are at. You can also up your game by taking lessons from photography experts and soon you will be taking gorgeous pictures in no time.

Many benefits come with picking up photography as your new hobby. Firstly, you will accumulate a collection of beautiful captures of some of your best memories. Secondly, and this is even better, you’ll learn to see the world from a brand-new perspective.

Walking through life with a camera in hand doesn’t just allow you to capture every moment, it can even help you see more beauty around you.

Once you’ve developed your new photography skills, you won’t just see the meadow, but you’ll see the different shades and colours of the blades of grass and petals of flowers as the sun rays hit them from different angles. Soon you’ll find yourself venturing out into nature to catch that golden hour for the perfect shot.


Instead of capturing the world around you with your camera, would you rather create your own world and let your creativity flow? Then maybe painting could be a great hobby for you. Creative and artistic hobbies like painting or art and crafts let you express yourself and your innermost thoughts and feelings.


There is no need to be “good” or create a masterpiece. Instead, painting can be an incredible way to relax and get into a state of flow. The best part is that it is incredibly easy to get into painting.

You could get yourself a canvas, brushes and paint to really get into it, but even just a sketchbook and colourful pens or crayons could suffice to get you started.

If you’d like to improve your painting skills rather than just doodling whatever comes into mind, you can enrol in a variety of painting classes or watch nearly endless instructional and inspirational videos online.

If your own creativity won’t quite flow, you could also get into art via a different route: by visiting galleries and learning all about the greatest painters of all time. You can simply visit the galleries available in your region, but you can also take your art adventure global.

Many famous museums offer virtual tours you can take online without even leaving the house. With those, you can visit the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam on one weekend and soak up all the art and culture.

If you want to break out of your monotonous everyday life, learning a new hobby could be just the right thing to do. Pick up a new type of sport, learn to take gorgeous photographs or grab a brush and let your creativity run freely – all these new hobbies will get your mind and body working and will leave you feeling mentally refreshed.

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