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MoveIt App: Transfer Your Media Files to SD Card On Android

We all do face low storage issue. Most of our phones already have less storage space and additionally they are filled with Important Images, Videos and audios which cannot be deleted and only transferred. Transferring them to SD Card  may be a hectic process for some of us, as we have to search each and every folder to find our medias and then transfer or delete them.

MoveIt Android App: Move Media to SD Card

MoveIt Android App Review

Now easily transfer your medias to SD Card using media file transfer software. MoveIt helps to transfer your medias to SD Card and Vice Versa easily as all the medias are organised together and also are sorted out date wise which makes the entire process way more easier. It also has many more cool features.

Key Features of MoveIt Application:

1) Transfer your Media to SD card from Internal Storage

Easily and efficiently transfer your Images, Videos and Audios altogether to SD Card from Internal Storage as all the Media are Organised together, So you need not Search them in different folders.

2) Transfer your media to Internal Storage from SD Card

Also you can transfer your Images,Videos and Audios altogether to Internal Storage easily.

3) Auto Transfer

A unique and one of its kind feature which lets you Transfer your Medias to SD Card automatically. You even need not open the app and it transfer’s your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card.

4) In Built Cleaner

MoveIt has a In built cleaner which helps clean your phone’s junk files such as Apk, Temp files ,Empty folder etc which in turn boost your phone speed and also increase the storage space.

5) Storage Media Scanner

MoveIt has both a Internal and External storage media scanner, which helps to find the hidden medias in your phone which are otherwise not displayed in your phone.

6) Search your Media

Easily Search for your Medias in Internal Storage or in SD Card by simply entering their name or the name of the folder in which they are present.

7) In built Media Player

Easily Transfer or Delete your Media as MoveIt lets you Enlarge your Images, Play your Videos and Audios while selecting them.

8) Delete your Media

Not only MoveIt lets your transfer your Media but it also lets you Delete your media easily as all the medias are organised together date wise so you need not search them each and every folder.

9) Media are Sorted

All the Media are sorted out date-wise so that you can easily locate your Media without putting in much effort.

10) Media Manager

MoveIt not only move your media but also serves as a media manager as it lets you view and delete them as well.

11) Select All

Easily Transfer all your medias to SD Card or Vice Versa together by using the Select All feature, you need not select each and every media.

Key Features of MoveIt Android Application


What sets apart MoveIt from other file browser apps is that you can transfer large amount of medias together and also all the medias are organised together date wise, so you don’t have to take the trouble of searching each and every folder to and then transfer or delete them which saves a lot of time as well as effort

So If your Android device is always low on Storage then MoveIt is a must have app which you should download as it lets you manage your media and also serves as a media manager. The Size of the app is less than 5 MB so you don’t even  have to worry of MoveIt occupying your Storage space.

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    Wow! amazing MoveIt app amazed to know its features. I agree many people face low storage issue and transferring data to SD card may be a hectic for some of us.

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