Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo – Top 4 Options

In case you’re designing out a game or sporting room in your home, or simply searching for some great increments, you might well wind up seeing a few games like air hockey and ping pong. Tracking down the best air hockey ping pong table combo is a course many individuals take to be proficient with their space and boost the number of games you can get in your home. It is improbable that both could at any point be utilized simultaneously, and considering the facts, heaps of table games like billiards, air hockey, and ping pong all include likewise estimated tables, combos make perfect sense.

Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table

In this article, we’ve investigated the top choices out there and what makes them extraordinary. Provisions considered incorporate the size and measurements, how the scoring framework works (is it electronic or manual?), the extras included like pucks and pushers, and surprisingly the guarantee presented with the item. A durable table should mean the producers have no issue offering a type of security through a guarantee.

Our group of members has spent quite a while arranging research from the data given by producers just as buyer surveys and direct utilization of the tables. Our examination is introduced in an easy-to-see table, which permits you to see some great choices initially. We likewise have inside and out audits of these models and surprisingly a purchasing manual for assisting with exhorting you on the choice and provisions that will be generally helpful for you.

Air hockey and ping pong are two of the quickest and most fun table games. In case you’re making a home game room, passing up it is possible that one would leave the spot only a tad bit inadequate. Fortunately, there are a lot of strong air hockey and ping pong combo tables available which can serve the two capacities without occupying an additional room or compelling you to make two separate buys.

On an individual note: Growing up, my companions and I went through hours in our cellar pivoting between ping pong, air hockey, and pool. This was around when mobile phones were in their outset, yet we didn’t have any assistance in the storm cellar in any case. Right up ’til today, these are probably the fondest recollections I have of my adolescence and teen years. I’m in a real sense getting broken down expounding on it. While I love innovation, I wouldn’t exchange these recollections for time spent looking through my telephone or in any event, playing computer games.

How We Picked These Tables

We’ve made this rundown dependent on long stretches of examination joined with our incalculable long periods of involvement with the table game business. While we generally say that business-grade air hockey tables are the most flawlessly awesome, we did exclude any such tables on this rundown. The primary explanation is on the grounds that none of them are made for supporting 2+ games. The other explanation is on the grounds that a large number of them basically aren’t reasonable.

We’ve chosen these items fully intent on giving you the best insight into the two games.

Top 4 Air Hockey Ping Pong Combo Tables

Fat Cat “Pockey” 7-FT 3-in-1 Table

The Games and How They Work

The Fat Cat Pockey made by GLD products upholds three games: Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Billiards. Game exchanging works in one of two different ways: Starting from billiards, the client essentially needs to unlatch the locks on each side of the table. Then, at that point, the table can turn right around. When the table is totally done with the air hockey appearing, just lock it up once more.

The force line of the table is intended to not get yanked out during this cycle. It’s appended to a spindle to forestall harm.

The table tennis segment is really three separate pieces that you mount onto the pool table. You definitely should simply slide them on and afterward connect the net. Isn’t that pretty easy?


When collected, this table estimates 80″ x 44″ x 32″ (L x W x H). For examination, a business estimated air hockey table measures around 99″ x 51″ (L x W), and an expert ping pong table is 108″ x 60″ (L x W).


To the extent of measuring, adaptability, and by and large gameplay, we think this is the best multi-game table available in the market. It’s not difficult to switch among games and the form of the game is very near the “genuine” thing. By genuine, we mean a regular table planned explicitly for that game.


You’re as yet not getting the regular experience for ping pong or air hockey. We believe it’s to a lesser degree nothing to joke about for ping pong, since you’re actually rehearsing the essentials of the game and chipping away at your deftness. In any case, while air hockey will in any case be huge loads of fun (in any event, for grown-ups), it’s not equivalent to playing with an expertly sanctioned puck on a regular table.

This isn’t a major issue using any and all means, particularly in case you’re not incredibly genuine with regards to any of the games and need something for no reason in particular.

Last Words

This is one of a handful of the multi-game tables that can be appreciated by children and grown-ups for quite a long time to come. It’s not very huge, not tiny, and for the most part beautiful reasonable for all that you get.

NHL Power Play with Table Tennis Top

 Games You Can Play

Made by Eastpoint Sports, this table is restricted to the two games that we’ve centered around for this article: air hockey and table tennis. It’s fundamentally a standard air hockey table on which you can put the ping pong board directly on top (in the wake of setting down the defender in the center to forestall scratching). The table tennis top additionally has three portions to it for simple stockpiling. By and large, it’s a basic plan with no extravagant flipping like the Fat Cat Pockey has.


Basically the same as the Fat Cat, this table estimates 80″ x 43″ x 32″ (L x W x H). Once more, this is a reasonable bit more modest than guideline size for both air hockey and ping pong, yet a respectable estimated table in any case that grown-ups and children can appreciate.


The NHL Power Play brings a bit more to the table (get it?) as far as air hockey than does the Fat Cat. On each side, there’s a LED scoring board that takes out the requirement for physically keeping track of who’s winning. It’s extraordinary for keeping the progression of the game continuous. It’s likewise truly proficient looking with a lot of sleeker air hockey visuals.

It is not necessarily the case that the specialized experience will be radically unique, yet it’s simply got some additional elements to make the game a bit more vivid.

Both the Powerplay and the Pockey will be the nearest you can standard air hockey and ping pong without getting a devoted table.


On the off chance that you read what we didn’t care for about the Fat Cat, this will appear to be really dull. Yet, we’ll say it once more!

Since these tables are not business-grade air hockey or ping pong tables, every one of these games will be marginally minimized.

Is it enough for a family game room? Totally.

In any case, hopeful contenders at either table game will need a table that is regularly sized.

Final Words

In case you’re stuck between this table and the Fat Cat we have one suggestion: basically, go with the one that is lower evaluated at that point. That is, assuming you just consideration about air hockey and table tennis, possibly one will give you a comparative encounter. On the off chance that incidentally, the Fat Cat is the more ideal arrangement, fantastic! If not, settle on an ultimate conclusion on whether or not you’re willing to pay extra for billiards.

Giantex Tabletop Multi-Game Table

Games You Can Play

The Giantex upholds three games: Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Billiards. There’s nothing enchanted with regards to how it capacities as it just functions by stacking the games on top of each other. The little billiards table is the foundation of the whole thing. Assuming you need to play different games, you basically place them on top of the billiards table.

Note that this alternative is predominantly for kids. It can likewise presumably function admirably as a fun little tabletop office game, yet won’t give any long-term entertainment incentive for grown-ups.


This adorable little tabletop game measures 36″ x 20 x 7.8″ (Lx W x H). This is around 33% of the size of expert air hockey and ping pong table. It can fit on top of most tables, but at the same time, it’s really simple to play on a comfortable floor. This is particularly valid for little ones who are as of now near the ground when they’re sitting.


The fundamental advantages of this table are that it’s simple and advantageous. You don’t need to stress over an indulgent gathering or a truck shipment to your home. Assuming you’re searching for a reasonable choice pallet’s birthday present, this is an extraordinary choice.


When player’s beginning moving toward their young teen years, this table will turn out to be less diversion for them. In the event that they truly prefer to play, this table must be supplanted with an all the more regular form.

Likewise, there’s no genuine air noticeable all-around hockey. While the essentials of the game are usually the same, it’s a long way from the smooth experience you’d get in an arcade.

Final Words

What’s extraordinary with regards to this table is that it allows kids an opportunity to get a chance to find what their number one table game really is. When they arrive at a specific age where they can play on a regular table, you can essentially throw this one up on Craigslist and not need to stress over getting it out of the house.

Despite the fact that we generally suggest a solitary, devoted, and regular table for the best insight, it’s anything but a poorly conceived notion to try out the waters first.

MD Sports 4 out of 1 Multi Game Combination Table Set

Games you can play

Our last pick is the MD Sports 4 out of 1 multi-game mix table set, a comprehensive convertible table that is completely outfitted with slide hockey, table tennis, foosball, and pool. It’s a one-size-fits-all game table that is loaded with every one of the fundamentals to suit your gaming needs.

Besides being space-saving, it’s likewise incredibly helpful as it’s lightweight, compact, stackable, and highlights supported bases that lock set up. Furthermore, it gloats of a strong form with premium materials like PVC, MDF, ABS, strong wood, and metal. This game lets you play table hockey, billiards, foosball, and table tennis.


The style of this table game is 54” (4-in1 Combo Game) and the item’s dimensions are 137.2 X 89.8 X 62.2 cms. The weight of the game is around 80 pounds and you don’t require assembling.


With this load of superior grade, tough aspects that are impervious to mileage and will withstand long periods of utilization, you truly will benefit as much as possible from your speculation, particularly since it additionally accompanies every one of the game embellishments you’ll require, including hockey pushers, a billiard ball set, a table tennis net with oars and balls, pucks, signs, footballs, a ball rack, and that’s just the beginning.


There are many customers who think that this is not the sturdiest game as per the price. There are missing A5 screws as well and hence it can’t be reused.


Whichever table you pick, we truly trust that it brings you or potentially your children satisfaction for quite a long time to come. Air hockey and ping pong are two of a couple of non-computerized games that can contend in an advanced world. In contrast to numerous computerized games, however, the two of them energize ability improvement and work to hone dexterity.

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