No Ides Of March At The Online Casino

The online casino is a relatively new invention in the human timeline. The Ides of March, on the other hand, is one of the most popular superstitions of the old world. Although, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that nothing has really changed as we are still witnessing slavery, political murders and total disregard for the dignity of other people.

No Ides Of March At The Online Casino

Just like the casino games, the only thing that has really changed is technology available. People are still very superstitious. Despite the amount of control that we now have there seems to a strong desire to leave our fate to chance.

Chance and Games of Chance

We love not being certain, it creates a sense of anxiety and panic. As clearly bad as these emotions are, somehow these thrills have a “feel-good” effect on the body, especially when you get out of the situation.

Real Entertainment

There have been a lot of studies into why people love horror movies. The general conclusion is that the body releases the same groups of chemicals and hormones when we are happy or sacred. These internal reactions make us more susceptible to emotional stimuli. This is the reason why people who go to horror movies for first dates usually have a second date.

The release that is experienced when watching horror movies is based on making the mind believe that there is a real danger.

Real money online gambling casinos provide the same kind of thrill but on a much higher level. This form of entertainment presents a real danger, at least to your money. Therefore the level of excitement is much higher as the chemical responses are obviously more intense. That is why so many people enjoy casino games.

Only A Few Winners

The reason there are only a few regular winners at the casino is that the bulk of people who play casino games do it for the thrills. Only a few people play to earn real money prizes. These individuals leave nothing to chance if that is possible in games of chance?

They study the games, analyse the bets, use well-developed strategies and practice. For this group of gamblers, there is no Ides of March at the online casino, just statistical expressions of a mathematical formula.

Nothing to Chance

Obviously, casinos are operated on a profit-making basis this means that the games are biased in favour of the house. Therefore you need to come to terms with the fact that the house is the eventual winner all the time.

The games all have a set limit to how much they favour the house. These standards are enforced by regulatory bodies and international gambling watchdogs. The games are regularly audited for fairness and randomness.

The casino operators would not be so foolhardy as to depend on chance to make their money. These means that they have managed to reduce the effect of chance on their business. Players also have learned from the casinos and developed strategies to minimize the effects of Luck.


Entry level statistics use gambling as an example for most demonstrations. This is a clear indication that that mathematicians have managed to unlock the secrets of chance. These formulas have been used to determine the profitability of bets to the casino.

When reversed the formulas also show how likely player is to win the game. The average Return to Player Percentage (RTP) of most online casinos is above 90%. This means that the casinos will return 90 cents for each dollar bet. The casino RTP is the same of the games RTPs.

No Ides of March at The Casino

What all that gibberish basically means that all those winning and losing streaks are not accidental. It is just mathematical equation trying to balance itself out. Ultimately you will win around 90% of the time during the entire gambling life.

Winning In spite of Chance

Winning In spite of Chance

It is basically impossible to eliminate the element of chance in casino games without cheating. That is why professional gamblers do not try and fight chance. Rather they flow with it.

The strategy of being a net winner at the online casino is to properly manage your bankroll. This is a group of strategies that focus on managing the money you have available for real money gambling.

One of the techniques involves reducing the size of your bet during losing streaks and increasing it during winning streaks. Make your own luck.

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