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iPhone 12 Review: Should You Upgrade to Apple’s Latest Phone?

In the vast market of a plethora of smartphones to choose from, for most people premium means iPhone. And these phones are not this popular for nothing. With the wheeling of time, Apple has proved that its idea of premium is unique from what the flagship Android phones offer.

Apple iPhone 12 – Reviews and User Opinions

iPhone 12 review

With every new launch, it has raised the bar by upgrading its smartphones with noticeable features and quality checks. Apple has maintain edits stature by taking every newly launched iPhone to the next level. This time Apple has marked the beginning of a new generation by launching the iPhone 12 series.

With iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12 pro max, it is the first time that Apple has launched all four new iPhones at once.

In a neck and neck race of smartphones, the iPhone 12 offers remarkable additions in the camera, elegant and modern body design, and especially the all-new 5G support which Apple calls “the most exciting step yet”. If you are someone looking to buy a new phone which is top-notch in every aspect then the iPhone 12 should be your pick.

Let us now have an insight into the detailed specifications of this phone and why is it worth your money.


The first look of the iPhone 12 gives a major throwback feeling and an ode to the iPhone 4 and 5 models. With flat sides and a flat-screen, this new handset looks bold and striking. It presents a smaller and lighter feel than the iPhone 11. Giving a matte finish aluminum feel, the front however is not glass this time.

Apple has introduced a new material called Ceramic Shield which it claims to dramatically improve toughness, offer 4x better drop protection, and to be tougher than any smartphone glass, all of which can be doubled if using iPhone 12 protective cases. As always, the iPhone 12 also offers an array of colors to choose from white, black, blue, green, and red.


The iPhone 12 has smooth rounded corners following a beautiful curved design. This time Apple can be seen switching to an OLED display that offers brighter colors, inkier black shades, improved contrast levels and HDR, and an increased pixel count to 1170 x 2532.

Besides the contrast and resolution, the squared-off sides seem to push the6.1-inch display up and forward.


With dual 12MP rear-facing (f/2.4 Ultra Wide and f/1.6 Wide) and 12MP front-facing, the cameras have received hardware, software, and processing upgrades. Aside from the obvious AR capabilities, the new LiDAR scanner opens up new photographic possibilities of faster autofocus in low light, and a new feature of Night Mode portraits.

Having said that, Apple has also added Night Mode time-lapse photography and an updated Smart HDR 3. All this results in capturing some terrific shots in day and night mode.


Apple has impressed its users by presenting several new features with its iPhone 12 range. But the most interesting of them is MagSafe.

Yes, it is an entire system at the back of the handset for attaching things via magnet like the iPhone 12 cases, wireless chargers, wallets, car mounts, and such. Adding to all this is the premium accessory of MagSafe charger.

It will snick onto the back of the phone and then wirelessly charges it at 15 watts instead of the usual 7.5, provided you have at least a 20-watt power brick. Undoubtedly, this device is receiving tremendous reviews because of its practical and convenient usability.


5G is one of the most anticipated flagship feature of the newly launched iPhone 12 generation models. The benefit of going 5G is that it promises to give incredibly faster internet access and download speeds.

But what is to remember here is that your experience with 5G will completely depend on where you are, what network you are on, and how lucky you are in finding the right signal. If all of this comes in your favor, then you just got lucky.

Software, performance, and battery life

With the A14 Bionic chip built on a new 5nm processor, you can expect the iPhone 12 to be uber-fast. Also, Apple has recently released the newest version of its mobile operating software, iOS 14.1 with fresh bug fixes and added support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing.

By updating this, you will get the added benefit of effortless functioning. It also claims to display a battery life of up to 17 hours of video playback on the iPhone 12. The model comes in three variants of 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB.


The iPhone 12 represents one of the biggest jumps forward all-new design, blistering processor, durable glass, 5G, improved camera.

Most years, it’s true that the real, tangible changes of capabilities and performance are most noticeable this time even for the iPhone 11 users the iPhone 12 will be a shift to make to.

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