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Ozge Yagiz: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Husband, Kids And Family

Ozge Yagiz is a well-known Istanbul-born Turkish model and actress. Since 2018, she has risen to stardom by appearing in multiple TV shows and films. In 2019, she made her on-screen debut in the Turkish TV series “Yemin,” which helped her gain popularity. Her work on the television series İçimizden Biri began. She plays the role of Turkish Muslim Havva, who falls in love with an Irish Christian man named Adam, in this television series. Yemin, Adini Sen Koy, and Sol Yamin, three of her greatest films and TV shows, won her the Best TV Personality award. In this article, you will get to know more about Ozge Yagiz’s Profile, Education, Career, Husband, Kids And Family

Ozge Yagiz Biography

Bio, Education and Family

In Istanbul, Turkey, on September 26, 1997, Ozge Yagiz was born. grew raised there with her sister Ezgi. From an early age, Ozge had a strong desire to pursue her dreams. Her family has consistently encouraged her in her career. Ozge has a lovely face and two stunning brown eyes that draw in a lot of admirers. Her hair is smooth and dark brown as well. My research indicates that she had a tattoo on her arm, but we’re not entirely positive about it. In addition to being the most adorable actress, the stunning Ozge Yagiz is also a terrific height and weight. The former TV personality is approximately 55–56 kilogrammes based on her height of 5 feet 6 inches.

With the help of Gungor Management, Ozge was represented in the acting world. Ozge adores animals. On her social media pages, she has shared numerous photos of herself with her pets. Baskan is the name of her pet. Ozge is another well-known influencer on social media. Her interests outside of performing include travelling. She regularly gives her admirers access to her daily activities. Ozge’s nephew is adorable. Ozge has a beautiful thin physique and a white complexion.

Ozge obtained her degree from Baskent University. From the Academy of Communication Sciences, she received her education in communication sciences. Following her graduation from college, she pursued her love and enrolled in No 10 Studios in Turkey to begin her acting training. To the best of our knowledge, she attended the neighborhood school in her hometown.


Ozge Yagiz’s admirers are excited to learn of her impending marriage. Let us inform you all that last year, Ozge Yagiz became engaged to her longtime partner Gokberk Demirci. They planned a little ceremony in Istanbul when the community comes together to wish the pair well on their upcoming journey. Another Turkish actor from TV and film is Gokberk Demirci. Their true love story started when they collaborated on the TV show Yemin.


In 2018, the Turkish model and actress made her TV series debut. She made her television debut in the 2019 broadcast of the series Adini Koy, where she portrayed Zeliha. The series was created by Emrah Uysal, Nazmiye Yilmaz, and Sevgi Birsel, and it was a collaboration between Mahir Aktas, Fulya Yavuzoglu, Attila Cengiz, and Irmak Cengel. Star TV aired the television series. She was hired for the lead part of Reyhan in Yamin on Kanal 7 in the following year, 2019.

Ozge had the chance to appear on screen alongside Tolga Mendi, Cemre Basel, and Cancel Elcin in the 2020 film “Sol Yanlm.” She was also chosen to play “Malhun Hatun” in the historical fiction film “Kurulus: Osman” that same year, but the director changed her mind and gave the part to another Turkish actress, Carl Atiksoy. She hasn’t worked through 2020 since the rejection. In 2021, Ozge began work on a new film called “Icimizden Biri,” in which she was a Turkish girl who fell in love with a boy from an Irish Christian family.

She has been featured in magazines like Elle, Retouch, MAG, and Formasnté. Icon Talent Management agency handles her work. She appeared as a guest in the Turkish online series “Çekiç ve Gül: Bir Behzat Ç. Hikayesi” that ran in 2022.

The Güzel Choice Award for Best Actress went to Ozge Yagiz for her work on the television series “The Promise.”  Ozge reportedly charged $500k every episode for. She claims to have a $2 million net worth based on her payout. Our investigation indicates that there are no further sources of income.

She will make an appearance in the Ay Yapim-produced television series “Baba.” Her face is highly well-known on the social media network. Because Ozge enjoys traveling and discovering new places, she used to frequently post images of these locations to her Instagram account. She also spends time with him and her pet dog. Her photo was chosen for “Duster Bahari”‘s cover page the previous year. Ozge, a talented actor, is also an influencer on social media.

Yemin TV series is about, the ethics of two young people from very different backgrounds who are content to live in a forced marriage; the series will focus on their painful moments. Hikmet bey brings Reyhan to Istanbul from his own country because Hikmet has a spoilt son who struggles to think critically. With one foot in the pit, Hikmet Bey wants to ensure her crippled daughter Suna’s future by marrying a sit-down girl named Reyhan and his son Emir. Although Reyhan is reliant on her promise and tries to adjust to her spouse Emir, Emir has no plans to continue their marriage. Even though they are at odds with one another, Reyhan and Emir will fall deeply in love. Emir replaces his father with Reyhan, whom he married without seeking permission because he was raised in an affluent home and never learned the value of responsibility. Reyhan is genuinely as dissimilar as black and white with the order; yet, Fikret chooses to wed her careless son Reyhan without consulting him. Hikmet bey takes Reyhan, whom he regards as a reliable individual, to Istanbul to marry her daughter Suna, who has a birth defect. Ever since his childhood, Emir has made an effort to gain his father’s approval. Reyhan is determined to put his father’s forced marriage behind him and put an end to his resentment.

Emir swears he won’t touch his bride again after his tense first marriage. Reyhan was actually against marrying the Emir when he first learned about it, but he changed his mind when he realized Hikmet—whom he loved like a father—was dying soon. Reyhan was actually against marrying the Emir when he first learned about it, but he changed his mind when he realised Hikmet—whom he loved like a father—was dying soon. Reyhan agrees to the forced union with the pampered Emir, but the wise Cavidan lady cools her off. As time passes, the Commandment becomes wise and develops feelings for Reyhan. But in the process, Reyhan was utterly destroyed.

Movie List

  1. Adını Sen Koy (2018)
  2. Yemin (2019- 2020)
  3. Sol Yanım (2020–2021)
  4. İçimizden Biri (2021)
  5. Safir (2023)
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