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5 Reasons Why Horses Are Wonderful Creatures

Horses have been around humans for thousands of years, and they’ve provided significant help that we needed in order to reach this level of advancement.

Scientists conclude that horses were domesticated more than 6000 years ago, in Eurasian Steppe, and since then humans have created an incredible bond with these animals and trained them to do specific things.

Over the years, horses became a crucial part of our culture and they were present everywhere. Horses nowadays are not the traditional transportation tool like hundreds of years ago, but they are used for fun activities like horse riding, racing, and other fun activities that are great for these beloved animals as well as for humans.

Why Horses Are Wonderful Creatures

This got us wondering, what are the top reasons why horses and humans created this unbreakable bond, and what is the thing that makes horses such wonderful creatures?

They are Intelligent Animals

Horses are actually very intelligent animals. In fact, some studies show that they are four to seven times faster learners than humans. Since they fall in the category of prey animals, they need to be fast learners in order to survive in the wilderness.

Horses are also extremely intuitive and have a lot going on in their brains than a lot of people think. This is why horses are can tune their abilities for certain requirements. For example, horses that are used for racing can feel the competition and on some level understand that they need to be as fast as possible.

Horses are Beautiful Animals

Another reason why horses are such wonderful creatures is because of their sheer beauty. There are different types of horse breeds, each with different aesthetics making them one of the most beautifully formed animals.

No wonder why horses always inspired painters and photographers. They are big animals with incredible muscle structure that is magnificent to look at.

The bond between Humans and Horses

As we mentioned before, horses have been around humans for thousands of years, and they’ve built a unique relationship with us over the years. Being intelligent animals, they have complex social relationships, and it is a true blessing that humans are included.

The amazing fact is that horses are prey animals and usually prey animals don’t get along with predators like humans. However, humans and horses have created a close relationship to a point where we can feel each other feelings and share happiness, joy, and excitement. That is why horse racing is a sport that depends so much on this bond, between the horse, the jockey and the trainer.

You can check today’s free horse racing picks to check for yourself the relationship between the horses making the headlines and the crew behind them.

Horses are Resilient and Good-natured Animals

We touched on this subject before, but it is time to dig a bit deeper. It is very impressive how horses can pull off one of their strengths in order to finish the desired task. On top of that, they can let go of bad things that happened to them very quickly despite having a long memory.

For example, if a horse gets in an accident while horse racing, it will most likely still be willing to race after some time.

However, accidents occur very rarely when the horse is in good condition and equipped with top-notch gear. High-quality numnahs, saddle pads, bridles, and other equipment play a vital role in ensuring the horse’s well-being and the rider’s safety. Investing in reliable gear provides added protection and comfort, reducing the likelihood of mishaps during equestrian activities.

The most astonishing part about horses is their ability to forgive. Even horses that lived through tough times with mean people in the past, will still be willing to spend some time with them.

Horses are Great Teachers

Even though since the first taming process of horses, humans were involved in the process of training and teaching them about certain things, the true teachers are actually the horses. In order to create a bond with these majestic creatures, first, you need to earn the respect of a horse.

They don’t care about your physical appearance, or how important your job is. In other words, they teach us a sense of responsibility just because a domesticated horse requires constant commitment as they are depending on us to provide them with what they need.

Taking care of horses is a long-term process that requires a lot of commitment, teaching you to become more dependable which is a great life skill.

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