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Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Girlfriend, Family, Awards

Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat is a professional Thai actor, model, and singer best known for his supporting role as “Sound” Saran in the famous Thai BL series My School President (2022). As an actor, he has been with GMMTV since 2020. This page will include Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat’s bio, profile, education, career, girlfriend, family, and awards.

Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat Biography

Bio, Education and Family

Satang Kittiphop was born on November 16, 2001, in Bangkok, Thailand, where he received his introductory and primary education, and then he attended RITDHA HIGL SCHOOL. We don’t have much information about the actor’s personal life and family as he has not updated the internet about those details. But as soon as we will update the article as soon as we get more information about him.


Satang Kittiphop Sereevichayasawat made his television debut in 2018, on the popular Thai show School Rangers. He entered the entertainment sector through GMMTV’s “School Star 2019” program. He later joined the firm in 2020, making his debut as a guest in the drama Bad Genius (2020), where he featured as a student in episode 6. He continues to appear as a guest or support in popular dramas such as Fish Upon the Sky, Bad Buddy, and My School President. Aside from acting, he owns the clothing line KUDO$.

Bad Genius is a 2020 Thai drama about a genius-level high school student who makes money by devising sophisticated strategies to assist other pupils cheat. Lynn, a brilliant high school student who earns money by cheating on exams, is assigned a new mission that sends her to Sydney, Australia. To fulfill the million-baht mission, Lynn and her classmates must complete the worldwide STIC (SAT) exam and return the answers to her Thai friends before the exam is administered again in her home country. Inspired by true stories of kids cheating on the SAT, the film adapts the heist concept to a school exam environment and explores themes of class disparity and adolescent social concerns.

The Gifted: Graduation is a 2020 Thai television series that acts as a sequel to The Gifted (2018). It follows the events two years after The Gifted, when the Gifted Class, kids with abilities, band together to bring down the strong school director and his repressive regime. The Gifted: Graduation, set two years after the events of The Gifted (2018), follows the struggles of Ritdha High School’s Gifted Class, students with superpowers, as they band together to bring down the powerful school director (Wanchana Sawasdee) and his oppressive system, a mission initiated by the class’ leading students—the mind-controller Pang (Korapat Kirdpan) and technopath Wave (Wachirawit Ruangwiwat). This sequel also demonstrated how the conflict extends beyond Ritdha High School, escalating into a full-fledged power struggle between Director Supot and the Ministry of Education.

Fish Upon the Sky is a Thai BL comedy series that takes a contemporary approach to the fable of the ugly duckling. The main character is a bookish, lonely social misfit who develops feelings for an attractive, popular boy at school. He performs a major metamorphosis to improve his looks to make himself more appealing to his unreachable crush. The tale focuses on Mork and Pattawee, two charming, beautiful, and gorgeous university students. Everyone has a crush on Mork, a gorgeous member of the medical faculty, and Muang Nan, who is equally pretty. They’re pals. Pattawee, popularly known as Pi, is a young, intelligent, and compassionate lad who is shy and ridiculed in university because he has braces on his teeth. He lacks friends and self-esteem. He follows Mork’s friend Muang Nan wherever he goes since he has a huge crush on him, but he lacks the courage to reveal his emotions. He is continuously looking for ways to stay close to him and does not believe anybody will love him based only on his appearance until his elder brother Duean and his pals give him a makeover.

Bad Buddy is a 2021 Thai romantic BL comedy-drama television series that stars Korapat Kirdpan (Nanon) and Pawat Chittsawangdee (Ohm). Based on Afterday and -West-‘s novel Behind The Scenes, it depicts the story of two lads who came from warring, neighboring families and found themselves fighting for practically everything while developing love emotions for one other. Pat, a brash and impetuous person, and Pran, a clean and tidy perfectionist, have a rivalry that dates back generations. They were meant to be adversaries before they were born. Their family owns a hardware company alongside one another, and their parents despise one another to the core. As a result, they have become adversaries in all forms of competition. Two years later, they are pulled together once more. Pat is chosen as the freshmen class president of the Faculty of Engineering, while Pran is the class president of the Faculty of Architecture, both of which have a long history of antagonism. Pa discovers this and urges Pat not to kill Pran because he was the one who saved her life. Pat and Pran’s buddies have a series of violent fights and are warned that they will face penalties if they fight again. Pat and Pran, the leaders of respective buddy groups, resolve to work together to protect their buddies from bumping into each other. As they collaborate, they get closer and finally fall in love. They start dating, hiding it from all of their friends and family until they are found and have to face the repercussions.

My School President is a Thai television series directed by Au, starring Gemini and Fourth. It was broadcast from December 2, 2022, until February 24, 2023. Tinn, the student body president, has a secret crush on Gun, the chairman of the music club and lead singer of the mediocre band Chinzhilla. Tinn, the principal’s son, is directed to disband any groups that do not benefit their school’s image. The music club is at the top of the list, making Tinn Gun’s number one adversary. Gun is desperate to rescue his club and will go to any length, including pledging service to Tinn. When Tinn discovers Chinzhilla’s rule that band members are not allowed to date until they win the Hot Wave Music Contest, he swears to do everything it takes to help them do it.


  • We Are (2024)
  • Wednesday Club (2023)
  • Our Skyy 2 (2023)
  • Double Sauvage (2023)
  • My School President (2022)
  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind | Sky in Your Heart (2022)
  • Bad Buddy (2021)
  • Fish Upon the Sky (2021)
  • The Gifted Graduation (2020)
  • Bad Genius: The Series (2020)


  • We Are the Beginning (2024)
  • My School President: Super Special Episode (2023)
  • Our Skyy 2: My School President (2023)
  • Our Skyy 2: Star in My Mind (2023)
  • My School President: Behind the Scenes (2022)
  • My School President: Open House Open Heart (2022)
  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind: Behind The Scenes Special (2022)

Programme TV

  • School Rangers (2024)
  • A Free Meal Chance. May Pepsi Treat You? (2023)
  • Talk with ToeyS (2021)
  • Tred Tray with Tay Tawan Special (2020)
  • Jen Jud God Jig UP LEVEL (2020)
  • Off Gun Fun Night Special (2020)
  • ARM SHARE (2019)
  • School Rangers (2018)
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