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Keep Ahead of the Crowd In SEO and Content Marketing With These Top Trends

It is no secret that marketing is not always easy to get right. Not only are there a whole variety of approaches, techniques, and tools that you can try out, but the world of marketing is one that is always changing, shifting and growing.

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO in the USA is much like SEO and content marketing in the rest of the world. In order to stay ahead of the crowd and your competitors, you need to be aware of the latest trends.

Want to know more about what you should be trying when it comes to SEO and content marketing? Here are some of the top trends that you should be aware of.

User intent

Stuffing keywords in the article to rank is no more the way to go. You need to understand the audience and serve content satisfying their intent. Take a quick glance at your Google analytics to see who is your audience, segment them by age, gender, location, device category, etc. and deliver content matching their interest.

You need to optimize the website for conversions as well – you should not bother the audience with irritating pop-ups, and poor web design.

Dive deeper with your content

Many businesses seem to think that content marketing is more about quantity than quality. Sure, you must ensure that you post on a regular and consistent basis, but the quality is always key.

Not only this but the topics that you write about need not be superficial all the time. You can share some low-level blog posts for some easy reads, but don’t be afraid sometimes to write a longer post that will have more meat in it!

Never ignore video content

Blogs are great, and they have shown that they are a worthwhile approach to take when it comes to content marketing, but it isn’t exclusive. Another form of content that is proving to be hugely popular is video content, and when you think just how huge platforms such as YouTube have become, it is easy to see why this is.

Video Content Marketing

Video content might be a scary idea. However, if you have a decent social media following and  share some videos to the social media platforms, then you are going to see your engagement rise and rise.


E-A-T – these three words have shaken the health industry in the recent Google update, penalizing some very well-known sites, slashing their traffic to just 10% or worse. The E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. So, what you should do to improve E-A-T?

If you are running a legal website, make sure that only professionals with legal expertise are writing the article. Same is applicable for other niches like health, finance etc.

You can take a step further and encourage other professionals to write for your website. Also, consider doing blogger outreach and write for other authority sites in your niche.

Know everything that Google can do

Google is the powerhouse when it comes to SEO and content marketing, so you need to know not only the basics of how it works but also what it can do for you. Google likes to ensure that businesses are kept updated on the things that they are changing, that they are releasing and that they are working on.

So, make sure that you keep on top of these things. Having this knowledge will ensure that you are utilizing all the power that Google has to offer and ensuring that you are promoting your business the best that you can.

Invest in SEO

SEO has been around for some time and whilst it might be “old” in terms of marketing, it is still something that you really need to focus on. Aside from the basics of keywords, there are plenty of other things to think about.

This includes things such as on-page optimization, schema markups, speed optimization, and also how your current SEO set up is going to fit in with the world of voice searching.

As you can see, there is plenty to think about when it comes to marketing. Try out some of these ideas for yourself and see if you can find the right option for your business. We can promise you that the effort will be worth it in the long run.

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