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6 Monthly Subscriptions That Are Worth the Money

Subscription services can save us time and money, make us feel special, and even serve as thoughtful gifts for loved ones. But how do you know where to start when there are so many options? These monthly subscription ideas could get you started and have you feeling grateful you signed up.

6 Monthly Subscriptions

Coffee of the month clubs

So many people start their day off with a cup of coffee. Keep your morning routine fresh with a coffee of the month club, like the one offered by Mystic Monk Coffee. Not only do you get to try a range of blends, but the beans also arrive on your doorstep like clockwork.

Music streaming subscriptions

Music subscription services may seem like a luxury, but they can fill a lot of dead space and boost focus. Many of the services come with valuable features, like allowing users to create playlists or build unique lists based on listener favorites. As a bonus, paid plans have no ads to disrupt your listening experience.

With a music subscription, you can take your tunes anywhere as long as you have a smart device. Go for a jog, drive cross-country, or even fly on an airplane and never lose out on your music.

Monthly book subscriptions

Do you have an avid reader in your life? Consider subscription boxes for book lovers that feature more than books. Subscribers could receive bookish tokens, like bumper stickers, mugs, candles, and accessories related to the monthly theme.

If you want to conserve space and save trees, you don’t even have to get hard copies. Electronic services, like Scribd, give access to loads of ebooks and audiobooks.

Ad-free streaming services

Are you done with the constant ads breaking up your shows and movies in odd places? Though many popular streaming services, like Netflix and Disney, feature ad-free experiences with the base package, there is always the possibility that they might change. Regardless of what happens with these platforms, you can bypass the annoying ads with a monthly subscription.

Food subscriptions

Whether you want some cheap produce or need help with meal planning, there’s likely a food subscription for you. Choose a company that offers meal kits with all ingredients included, like Hello Fresh, or fill in your pantry with delicious but less attractive produce from Misfit Market.

Upgrade your shave

People all over the world crave a clean shave with a razor that won’t mess up your skin. Monthly subscription boxes with shaving supplies might be the answer you seek.

Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s are two of the most popular options, with a range of supplies to keep your face or body as smooth as butter. While both clubs traditionally catered to men, they now offer lines for women to meet their unique needs.

Before you go

Though these subscription services are well worth the money, you’ll want to check the terms and conditions before signing up. Make sure you know about trial periods, how to cancel, and if you need to pay additional taxes or fees.

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