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Best Payment Gateways In India – Comparison & Reviews

If you’re looking for the most secure way to receive payments through your online store, then look no further. Here are some of the best Indian payment gateways out there for you to choose from. It’s best to find the right payment gateway that works best for your business needs.

Best Online Payment Gateways In India

Best Payment Gateways In India


Razorpay is a payment gateway that was designed with businesses in mind. It was developed in 2014, and now has more than 5 million customers who rely on its services. The company became a unicorn startup with over $1 billion valuations and received more than $200 million in funding to date.

In addition, they’ve helped over 5 million businesses solve their digital payment problems so that the process flows a lot more smoothly. Razorpay offers different payment modes such as through debit cards, credit cards, popular wallets, and UPI to allow for versatility for paying customers.

There is the added bonus of RazorpayX, which is the banking business arm of Razorpay. It makes it much easier for the end-to-end movement of money and provides added security for transactions.

Razorpay provides a lot of functionality to their customers, making it easy for them to manage their marketplace, collect recurring payments, organize and share their invoices, automate bank transfers, and avail working capital loans, all at the ends of their fingertips.

That isn’t to say that Razorpay doesn’t have some drawbacks. While it does have pretty good conversion rates and there’s no cost to set up, there seems to be a high failure rate when it comes to international transactions.


Paytm is a payment gateway that is extremely easy to use. It supports all domestic credit and debit cards and has been linked to over fifty banks. What customers have commented on the most is that it is extremely user-friendly.

Paytm allows for easy payments to be made through mobile phones, card information can be saved, and invoices of all payments can be made to keep for one’s record. Transactions are also fast, and it allows for website payments to be made so that you never have to open a separate application to complete purchases.

However, Paytm does have some downfalls. It has been reported to have poor customer support services, and there is a tendency for there to be sellers on the app advertising fake or poor quality products.


CCAvenue is another popular payment gateway that is extremely easy to use. The gateway allows for over 200 payment options, including over 97 debit cards, 6 major credit cards, over 58 net banking sites, and 14 Bank EMI. It can be integrated into almost any website since the integration process is quite easy to implement.

CCAvenue has built FRISK into its inner workings. It stands for Fraud and Risk Identification System and Knowledge and is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for payments to be made.

One of the major upsides of CCAvenue is that there are no withdrawal fees, which means there’s more money in your accounts. It works well with international transactions, has great customer support, and doesn’t cost anything to set up.

Accounts can be activated within an hour, allowing for transactions to be made quickly and more efficiently.

There have been a few complaints that the security is not actually that good, so it might be best to employ additional security measures to protect payment information.


Cashfree has been growing in popularity, especially in India. It offers a very fast payment service, as well as the ability to make fast refunds.

The company only started in 2015, but it has grown exponentially and now services over 15,000 businesses. They provide support for UPI, net banking, and payments through credit cards and debit cards. International transactions are also available through their services.

Cashfree also has a feature called “Cashgram.” This is where businesses can generate links that they can send to their customers in order to collect payments.

This feature is easy to use and is a great way to keep customers abreast of the payment situation. There’s no cost to set up Cashfree, and can be easily configured to one’s needs. Payments can be automatically collected and it generates invoices automatically for one’s records.

Unfortunately, Cashfree isn’t available for all businesses. They prefer to work with government-registered businesses for some reason, so if your business doesn’t fall into that category, then it may be a good idea to consider another option.


Paypal has gained a global reputation for being reliable when it comes to online transactions. It can be a decent choice for any business, as Paypal provides services to over 200 countries with over 325 million customers.

The reason it has gained such popularity all over the world is due to its support of international currencies as well as providing solid security for every single transaction.

They accept almost all major credit cards and debit cards, and all transactions are monitored 24/7 to ensure fraud is not taking place. Payments can even be made via QR codes for an added security benefit. Paypal provides great customer support so that any problems or queries can be taken care of quickly, and it’s very easy to integrate Paypal into any website.

However, Paypal does have high transaction charges for businesses, which doesn’t make it ideal for small payments. This makes it not the best choice for extremely small businesses.

Making the right choice when it comes to payment gateways can be difficult, but you should focus on the key aspects that will protect your business.

Look for a gateway that provides safety and security for all of your transactions. Ensure that the gateway you’re using is also responsive, on both desktop and mobile devices to ensure you’re not isolating a large section of your customer demographic.

A payment gateway should be easy to integrate into your website, an easy process means that you have more time and effort to spend on actually running your business.

And lastly, you should choose a payment gateway that provides excellent customer support to take care of any problems that may arise.

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