Should You Consider a Variable Temp Mod?

The technology behind vaping is always being developed further and improved to make the e-cigarette experience even better. One of this year’s biggest trends in vaping is the addition of a variable temp mod. Not sure if you should be investing in one?

Why You Should Consider a Variable Temperature Mod

Should you consider a variable temp mod?

We’ll provide you with all the facts you need to know about this latest piece of tech to hit the vaping market so you can decide if it’s a worthy piece of kit to spend your cash on.

What is a variable temp mod?

Building on technology that lets you change voltage and wattage to create your optimal vaping experience, a variable temp mod does exactly as the name suggests – it allows you to control the temperature that you want your atomizer to run at.

It’s become the latest trend for those that love box mods, giving vapers everywhere more freedom and flexibility to make it suit them. The first variable temp mod was released just a few years ago but there’s already competition within the market, letting you choose from a range of mods.

The variable temp mod acts as an alternative to selecting your voltage or power output. Instead, you set the temperature that you want your atomizer to run at. The mod will calculate how much power is required to bring your coil to the selected temperature and then keep it there.

How hot your coil gets has a huge impact on your vapour. We all know the burnt taste you get when it overheats, while too little heat and your e-juice won’t evaporate at all. It’s a delicate balance and preferred temperature will vary from vaper to vaper. The uptake of the variable temp mod shows just how much temperature can affect vaping and the demand for creating that individual experience.

But as with any piece of technology there are pros and cons. Whether it’s time for you to invest in a variable temp mod or not will depend on the kind of vaper you are.

The pros of a variable temp mod

Variable temp mods bring lots of benefits for vapers, leading to the rise in popularity. Here are just three of the reasons why more people are choosing to control their temperature:

  • You won’t have to worry about a dry hit – Using a temperature control eliminates the dreaded dry hit. You’ll be able to tell when you need to top up because you’ll notice that the vapour lessens, no more of that burnt taste and coughing.
  • A more consistent vape – This one takes a bit of experimenting but that’s part of the fun. Once you’ve found the best setting for you, which can vary between different flavours, you’ll typically find it’s more consistent.
  • Better flavour – This is one of the key reasons vapers choose to switch to a variable temp mod, it allows you to get a better flavour. You’ll be able to keep changing the temperature until you get the best taste for you.

Consider a Variable Temperature Mod

The drawbacks of a variable temp mod

Of course, it isn’t always simple and there are drawbacks to using a variable temp mod too, including:

  • A temperature chip doesn’t sense how hot the coil is – This is a technology drawback and although there are ways around it, for the most part your variable temp mod won’t have a probe to measure how hot your coil actually is. It means the results can be inconsistent but the tech is improving.
  • You may have to get new kit – Investing in a variable temp mod might not be your only outgoing to make the most of it. Depending on your current set up, you may find you have to purchase a new atomizer and coils too.
  • It can be fiddly – Having a variable temp mod on your e-cig can make builds harder and rewicking a coil more difficult than alternatives. Vapers often find they get the hang of it within a few weeks but it can be fiddly at first.

So, is a variable temp mod right for you? If you want more control over your vapour and have so far been left disappointed with flavours, it might just be the addition you need but you’ll likely need to experiment to make it perfectly suit you. 🙂

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