Best Practices of B2B Sales Techniques In 2021

What a year 2020 was! No one had ever thought about what it brought to us. Norms have changed, businesses have seen losses, but sales activities haven’t stopped. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to redesign their sales strategies.

Best Practices of B2B Sales Techniques

More often, engaging your sales team in creative B2B sales training courses can enable them to navigate the tough sales landscape of the current times and offer them a reliable support mechanism.

Here are some of the best practices of B2B sales techniques to look forward in 2021.

Leverage Video Marketing for Remote Selling

Videos are a great way to share information and head customers in your direction. B2B Sales training courses such as the courses offered at can aid you with remote sale techniques that are a new norm now.

  • Explainer or demo videos accurately show the working of your service and how it can benefit from achieving their business goals.
  • Videos of client testimonials give a personal touch to the business.
  • Buyer personal videos cater to the specific title of the decision-maker, such as the CEO, IT manager or sales representative.

Use More Than One Channel for Generating Traffic

In B2B sales, several people are often involved in making a business-related decision. Therefore, it is advisable to track where they are interested. While social media can effectively attract visitors to your website, email marketing can be highly efficient in increasing engagement.

In 2021, the major focus would be on digital channels and networking events, as huge social gatherings will be kept off for some time.

Provide More Options to Get in Touch

Due to social distancing and stay at home norms, people may want more options to access you instead of physically visiting you.

Your prospects may want to communicate with you during different stages of the sales process, and you must give them more options than before to contact you, including phone numbers, emails, chatbots, instant messages, and others. Also, hire people who can remain active on social media on your behalf and answer queries and complaints.

Use Appealing Sales Content

Ranging from elevator pitches to follow-up emails, stimulating sales content can be helpful for B2B sales teams to get engaged with more clients along the sales journey.

You can know all about making elevator sales pitch and generate appealing sales content by enrolling in sales training courses offered by expert B2B training platforms like

Make Use of Smart Bot Calls

Bot calls are not liked by many, but during these difficult times when people are working from home and businesses are downsizing their staff members, bot calls can help attend business clients and customers.

If you have already established trust with a client and they just want to place a repeat order, then bot calls can handle the situation smartly and safely. You may also use these calls to inform your clients about your latest business information and product updates.

While bringing out B2B sales has become even more difficult in 2021, these practices can maximize your opportunities.

If you feel that you need to refresh your sales skills to be prepared to master these B2B sales trends or are a beginner in this domain, consider opting for the best B2B sales program at a premier tech sales school like and see what you can do to succeed in your business.

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