How Summer Learning Programs Give Students the Upper Hand

High school years are crucial for the future of a teenager. It’s the moment when young people learn to discover themselves and what makes them unique. And, it’s the perfect time to learn and get social skills that allow them to build relationships.

Summer Enrichment Programs for High School Students

For high schoolers, guidance is vital, especially when they’re trying to figure out what post-graduation life is all about. Many of them need help with choosing the right profession, based on their abilities and preferences.

Participating in summer programs for middle school students has a wide range of benefits, as it can help any teenager to discover opportunities and new domains to explore.

As more universities open their gates to high school students, most teenagers get the chance to experience new things in an academic environment and get ready for the next big step in their personal and professional development: college.

1] High Schoolers Get to Discover Their Passions and Abilities

Most teenagers agree that activities and hobbies are among the most critical elements that shape their identity, more than friends, school, or the church. By helping them to discover new passions, summer schools give students the possibility to learn more about themselves and to improve their abilities.

During a summer program, high schoolers get to learn interesting things in a wide range of domains, from chemistry to fashion and cooking. They can choose from an impressive number of classes, depending on the University’s offer.

In this context, they get to familiarize themselves with topics they hadn’t known before, opening an entirely new world of opportunities and possibilities.

Even better, during a fun and engaging Physics class, a student can discover that there’s more into science than what’s written in the school books. Such a course can be the beginning of a beautiful career in a domain the student hasn’t even considered before joining the summer school.

Summer classes are meant to mix theory with an experimental dimension, where students can easily see subjects from a different angle. This way, they can analyze their preferences and make educated decisions about their future.

2] Learning Can Be Fun

Learning Can Be Fun

The most significant advantage of a summer program is its flexibility. Students are free to move from a course to another and get to choose classes, based on their interests and curiosity. Better yet, they can learn in a friendly and supportive environment, without the pressure of grades and final exams.

Students are encouraged to get out of the classroom, experiment more and enjoy every class they’re attending. This way, high schoolers rediscover that learning can be fun, which has positive effects on their brains. According to scientists, students remember better what they learn when they can associate the notion with positive emotions.

Summer learning programs are meant to make things interesting for young people and help them reconnect with learning interactively.

3] Summer Learning Programs Help Students Develop Their Communication Skills

Joining this type of program puts teenagers in a different environment. They’re moving from their high school group to a brand new community, as summer programs bring together people from the entire country and from outside national borders.

They learn to communicate with people coming from different cultures, who speak more than one language and have other ways of seeing things and solving problems. Young people learn to accept different opinions and develop interpersonal skills that allow them to build relationships outside their circle.

They get a solid foundation for teamwork and collaboration inside international teams. These skills are essential in the new digital era, where businesses don’t care about national borders and language differences anymore.

4] These Programs Can Help High Schoolers Increase Their Self-Esteem

Boost Your Self Esteem

Seven in 10 girls believe they’re not enough, due to their looks, school performances, or their abilities to build relationships. Furthermore, almost 20% of teenagers deal with depression.

Getting away from home for a few weeks can be an excellent environmental change for a teenager. Students who participate in a summer program learn to make friends easier and to interact with various people. They’re away from their parents, learning to live on their own. In the same time, they discover new things about the world and about themselves.

It’s a period in which teenagers live by different rules in a friendly, but still academic environment. They get to learn and improve their knowledge, getting university-level skills.

But, better than that, the real change occurs inside them. These young people gain confidence. Their new skills and the ability to communicate with people from different environments make them self-confident.

5] Summer Schools Can Increase Chance of Top University Place

Early interaction with the academic world can have a significant influence on a student’s college application. Many Universities see such an experience relevant for the future college student.

In fact, a study at Bristol University has revealed the existence of a “summer school effect.” It seems that 76% of high schoolers that attend a summer learning program go to a high-rated university.

Besides being fun, participating in such a program is useful for a teenager’s future. The experience that the students get during the program makes them more prepared for the real world and gives them more job opportunities.

Better yet, it helps them prepare better college applications and increase their chances to get accepted by the university they choose.

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