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Webcams, Drones, and SetSchedule: Selling a House In 2020

How do you sell a house in the middle of a pandemic? With as little in-person contact as possible. 2020 has created new challenges for almost every aspect of life, and buying and selling homes is no exception.

SetSchedule Shares Tips for Home Selling

How to Sell a House

To sell a home safely while maintaining proper social distancing, you’ll need a little tech and a lot of creativity. Real estate tech company SetSchedule has provided some tips for real estate agents.

Invest in a good webcam and lighting

If you’re going to be meeting virtually with potential leads, it’s time to think about your camera. You may be able to get away with using your smartphone if it has a great camera, but it may be a better idea to invest in the sort of high-quality camera that YouTubers use.

Think about lighting, too. If you’re backlit, you’ll appear as an ominous silhouette, which does not instill confidence.

SetSchedule once again recommends looking to the world of YouTube: Consider a ring light, which many influencers use to create flattering lighting when filming in their homes. You can even get ones which are mounted on a tripod with a camera mount.

You may also need to learn how to do your makeup differently to appear less washed-out on screen, especially if you’re stuck using lower-quality hardware while you wait for your new camera and lighting to arrive.

Men, you aren’t exempt from this. A touch of concealer and moisturizer can help you look fresh even if you’re exhausted from helping with your child’s remote schooling between client meetings.

Create awesome videos with drones

Want to give clients a tour not just of the home, but also the neighborhood? Consider investing in and learning how to fly a drone. You can get impressive aerial views of the property and the surrounding area.

Note that there are restrictions around drones, so you’ll need to be sure that you’re not flying in restricted airspace, and you may need to get a license, but these are small hassles compared to the beauty of a smooth aerial video. Small drones can even be used to film walkthroughs of homes, providing a seamless, steady video.

Use SetSchedule to connect with leads

SetSchedule recognizes that it’s harder than ever this year to connect with new leads. So much of lead generation comes down to networking, and people may be hesitant to meet with a real estate agent right now. They may not even be sure if now is a good time to sell.

You can use SetSchedule’s machine learning based service to discover new leads and find people who are ready to take advantage of the hot housing market, all from your computer or mobile device. It’s just one more way that technology is improving real estate in the 21st century.

What technological tools are you using to sell homes in 2020? Have you turned to YouTube to offer virtual tours?

Have you hosted a Zoom open house? Challenges can lead to exciting innovation, and the real estate industry is rising to the occasion.

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