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The Best Technology for Choosing A Hire Quickly

Technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and we can now perform tasks more easily because of these innovations. In particular, tech has reshaped our jobs, and these advances in technology have helped streamline and simplify human resource departments around the world.

Best Technology for Choosing A Hire Quickly

HR professionals can take advantage of these advances to make their jobs easier, from tracking payroll to hiring and firing employees. If you’re looking to fill roles at your company more efficiently, here are a few ways technology can help you get a qualified candidate quickly and easily.

Video Conferencing

Our busy schedules can often make it difficult to schedule interviews, but with an uptick in people using video technology because of the pandemic, potential candidates are now more comfortable interviewing from home or on the road, and that benefits employers as well.

It’s difficult to fit interviewing into the busy schedules of candidates, hiring managers, and HR employees, but with Zoom or Google Hangouts, you can easily schedule an interview and find the ideal candidate more quickly.

Social Media

Tech has completely changed the way we recruit employees, and social media has made this process easier for both the applicants and the hiring managers.

Over a third of job-seekers use their cell phones or tablets to look for open positions, compared to those using a desktop, and about the same percentage of millenials and gen z workers heard about their current job on social media before applying.

If you’re not utilizing LinkedIn and other social media sites to recruit, you’re missing out on a lot of qualified candidates.

Recruitment Software

Gone are the days of sorting through paper applications and resumes to find the ideal worker. It’s now commonplace to use recruitment software to streamline the hiring process.

The majority of Fortune 500 companies are using some sort of applicant tracking software (ATS), but businesses big and small can benefit from these types of programs.

Not only are they easy to use, but they help you find the absolute best candidate by weeding out those who don’t fit the bill.

An ATS also saves you time by posting open positions on multiple job sites, organizing potential employees neatly into a master database, and sending out notifications for you to alert prospects on where you are in the process of hiring.

To make the process even quicker, it’s great to have a pool of qualified candidates ready before a position even opens up in your organization. Talent acquisition software can come in handy for organizations that want to keep track of prospective employees as new roles become available.

Your ATS may include talent acquisition, but not all do, so be sure to do your research and even download a free trial before committing. Finding one that works for you is key.

Onboarding Software

Once you find a qualified candidate for the role, the next step is getting them onboarded and acclimated to their position quickly. It’s overwhelming to be bombarded with paperwork on your first day of work, but with onboarding software, you can easily share checklists, documents, tax forms, and more.

They’ll be stored in one central place so HR can be sure nothing slips through the cracks and employees can feel comfortable knowing their personal information is gathered in a secure way.

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