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Top Professional Careers In AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Technology is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon. As we move into cloud computing, big data, natural language processing and artificial intelligence, the employment sector is gearing up for a big boost in the number of opportunities.

Careers In AI


Organisations such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple are aggressively hiring people with expertise in these domains, which makes them highly lucrative.

Artificial intelligence is particularly on the cusp of a breakthrough. Technologies such as machine learning, neural networks, genetic algorithms and deep learning are receiving a lot of spotlight.

If you are tech-savvy and interested in a career in artificial intelligence, your timing could not be more perfect. A lot of startup tech companies are looking for qualified AI professionals to join their growing team.

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1] Academia

Even if AI is being touted as useful in many applications and search algorithms, it is still in its nascent stage. For example, self-driven cars made quite some noise in recent years, but they are not without their problems. Many such applications of AI reveal glaring faults in design or implementation when applied in the real world.

A lot of research is being carried out to weed out these problems and make AI feasible to use in domestic and commercial sectors. If you have the knack for finding solutions to problems with new and innovative hypotheses, then a career in research will grant you a highly paid, reputable position.

However, you need to have relevant qualifications in STEM and Computer Science along with a Doctoral degree or a Master’s degree at the very least to be able to make an entry.

2] Machine Learning

Machine learning is a derivative of artificial intelligence which focusses on building analytical models with automation. With the onset of Big Data, identifying and processing the patterns as well as making decisions based on the results is becoming difficult for human labour. Naturally, using artificial intelligence and automation for that purpose made sense.

This led to the evolution of Machine Learning as a new developing sector in its own right. As with AI, Machine Learning is also just starting out in its venture in the commercial world, which means that there are career opportunities galore.

In the wake of this situation, you can cash in your experience and education in computer science and software development to develop some of the most complex systems in the world.

3] Robotics

Artificial intelligence is not just limited to the software industry. Robotics makes heavy use of AI algorithms; in fact, the concept of robotics is based on AI. It is used extensively in automated production lines, aeronautics and even advanced prosthetics.

Robotics involves a fair bit of AI, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering. So if your background and qualifications involve mechanics, electronics or mechatronics, then you have a great chance of acquiring higher qualifications in robotics. Any research or experience in this field will lead to a very high-paying career.

4] Software Engineering

AI systems depend largely or software and computing power. As a consequence, AI algorithms are constantly being updated. Older systems are either becoming obsolete or changed to fit the new requirements.

This job needs an expert software architect to design and update the base, which is then followed by programmers who adjust or write new code to make it all work within that particular context.

Due to its embryonic nature, it is comparatively easy to find a suitable job as a software architect or a software developer. The entry-level requirements include qualifications in STEM subjects and a Master’s degree in software development with a specialised artificial intelligence course.

5] Data Science

Analysis and prediction are the two of the most important pillars which support Big Data. Many platforms like Hadoop, Spar and Hive make use of predictive algorithms. Making sense of an extremely large amount of ubiquitous data is crucial in the advertising and e-commerce world.

So, if your intelligence and aptitude tests reveal that you are inclined towards recognising patterns out of structured or unstructured data, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Data scientists are revered in this time, earning up to six-figure salaries within even 1 to 2 years of experience in related field.

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