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3 Unexpected Luxury Gift Ideas to Give to Friends

What do you give people who already have everything? This is a question that has plagued gift-givers for, well, a very long time. Worry not, though. Included here are some of the most unexpected gifts you can give to those used to luxury.

Luxury Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Expensive Luxe Gifts

Now, these are not necessarily going to be the most expensive items in the world. Though there is an argument to be made for quality that comes with high costs. But this won’t be the point with these gift ideas. After all, who would expect a floating dock for jet ski storage as a present?

Plastic Floating Dock

This is a discussion about unexpected luxury gifts, right? Who would expect anyone to give a set of plastic floating docks to someone else? As odd as that might sound, though, it does make a ton of sense!

Modular, plastic floating docks are some of the most versatile items in the world. You can make literally anything out of them if you had enough imagination.

Plastic Floating Dock

A custom, secure, and decorative place to keep your boat? Check.

A floating platform where you can just drive your jetski or your speedboat right onto for dry storage? Check.

An artificial platform where you can hold parties or even construct buildings on? You got it.

Those are just some of the examples of what plastic floating docks can do for the person you’re giving them to. This makes even more sense if the person who will receive this gift has a boat, a beach property, or a lake property.

It has to be said, though, that floating docks can be more than mere curiosity. They can also be a chance to earn some money.

If you give this gift to someone with a head for business, they can use it to create a fish farm. It’s a rather novel idea but one that could yield enormous profit. Now, that’s a gift that’s really worth giving.

Fancy Mirror

When was the last time someone gifted you a mirror? Even better, when was the last time you thought of buying yourself a mirror? It’s one of the most uncommon gift items anyone could think of, which is a shame.

There are some really pretty mirrors out there. Many of them are on the “expensive, but worth it” kind.

Fancy Mirror

Vanity mirrors, wall mirrors, hand mirrors, or what have you. Giving those kinds of things to friends or family who love classic stuff is a great idea. Especially if the mirror’s frame has an excellent design.

You could even get antique mirrors that belong to this or that famous person back in the day. It might be quite expensive, but for the chance to stand out, it’s worth getting.

What’s more, it saves you from having to think too much about what the other person could want. Your gift will literally let them see a reflection of themselves. What could they say about the amount of thought you put into your choice?

Just be careful about giving mirrors to people who might be self-conscious about their appearance. That would be the height of faux pax.

Pricey Tea

Finally, there is the gift idea of giving tea. Not just any tea, though. These are the fancy, ultra-luxurious, rare, and super expensive tea. No, they won’t come in tea bags because, why would they?

Pricey Tea

They will come in the form of tea leaves, either dried or fresh. It depends on where you get them, what time of the year, and how soon you will be giving them away.

It’s worth pointing out that price is not everything when considering pricey tea. You will also need to think about the source, the taste, and the components. Most importantly, you need to know whether the person you will give it to even likes tea.

It would be a crying shame if you bought something like a Gyokuro Tea and it is never served. Assuming the person receiving the gift does like tea, you will then need to consider their tastes.

Do they like green tea? Black tea? Would fruit infusion tea be better?

Some thought should also be given when you are giving the expensive tea to someone who is an expert at the beverage. It would be quite embarrassing to give tea leaves to a person who then turns around and tells you that you messed up somehow.

Still, if you get it right, you would be making quite a positive impression. It would be quite difficult to forget someone who gives exquisite tea leaves as gifts and does it right.


Gifts don’t need to be expensive. But if you are going for gold anyway, you might as well make it unique and worthwhile. Get something that others wouldn’t even think of. While, at the same time, making sure that the gift will be memorable.

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