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How to Use SEO to Build Brand Awareness

Marketing teams have a lot of tools at their disposal for raising awareness for their brand. But, for a large portion of these teams, search engine optimisation comes as an afterthought while it should play a major role in any marketing campaign.

Building a Brand Awareness Strategy With SEO

Building a Brand Awareness Strategy

Brand awareness is mainly a long-term project which helps create recognition amongst the target audience, leading to the audience associating the company with specific services or products. SEO helps generate traffic from search engines, improving the image of the brand, as well as increasing the brand’s reach.

Below are some of the ways SEO can help boost brand awareness.

Promoting Brand Image

This is mainly done by optimising the keywords that the company wants to be associated with the brand. The brand strategy SEO is aligned with the keyword strategy creating a tool which is helpful in creating the brand perception.

When customers recognize the brand keyword of the company, they are motivated to click on the page to get more information which could impact their buying decisions.

In the end, what is important is building a positive brand image resulting in profit increase. This is one of the major motivators that make companies consider working with a SEO marketing firm.

Embracing Link Building

Link Building

Link building involves using other trusted sites to link to your site increasing online visibility. Link building is a great way of reaching out to the relevant audiences driving more traffic to your website.

This is done by linking with websites of other companies as well as bloggers. Link building is done by identifying sites relevant to your industry and then participating in their communities either by contributing a guest post on their site, offering to do a content swap or leaving comments with links back to your site. In the end, the company gains a bigger audience, building its brand.

Establishing Your Niche

To maximize the company’s online visibility, it is advisable to establish a specialty and own it. Today’s market is a very competitive one, hence establishing a niche helps the organisation stand out among others. The keyword phrases for the content targeting your niche should be unique and specific allowing the target audience to relate better to your brand.

Content that is keyword optimised should be used to clearly define the target audience, the identity of the company. It is also wise to ensure the company addresses the customer needs at every marketing stage. This helps in making the organisation a major stakeholder and leader in the industry of specialisation, building the brand of the company.

As a brand, the name is not to be identified but rather to connect with the target audience. SEO helps in appearing relevant to search engines. Using SEO helps organisations to reach their audience in their preferred way.

Even though there are many SEO strategies that can help boost your brand awareness, these four methods can help you reach your target audience effectively, growing the influence of your brand in the process. 🙂

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