Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Business With the Help of Drones

We all know how drone became popular in the last few years and that more and more people buy them to enter this fun hobby. Furthermore, there is also a professional drone racing league that is becoming more popular every day and seems like it will be the modern era Formula 1, as the leading people from this league are selling broadcasting rights to some major sports channels like, for example, the ESPN.

How Drones Will Change Your Business

How Drones Will Change Your Business

But, what we are going to talk about today has nothing to do with racing or using your drone just for fun. No, we will talk about the ways that can help you improve your business and make it more versatile, modern, and more lucrative, of course.

If you are a business owner that stumbled upon here following the title of the article, you should know that literally every day, people keep finding new ways to use drones for various uses, and that includes all kinds of businesses as well. Keep reading to find out how drones can help your own business become more competitive and have an advantage over your competition.

1) Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos

The most obvious and most common way to make money with a drone is to use it for wedding videos. But, before you go all “Cool! I will buy a Phantom and start making money from weddings!”, we must remind you that many of your wedding filmmaker colleagues have had that idea long before you and that the market is kind of over flooded with drone wedding “artist”.

But, don’t get discouraged! Most of the photographers who are using aerial footage for weddings just bought a drone without even bothering to get to know how to professionally fly it. That is why we have tons of “Drone wedding footage fails” all over YouTube!

Our advice here? Well, if this is something you want to do to improve your photography business and to stand out from the crowd, you can’t simply buy a bird directly head out to film a wedding. No… What you should do first is to buy a smaller, much cheaper drone for practice. Our advice would be one of the cheaper Syma x5 models as it has a camera and is pretty stable and easy to learn how to control.

Now, after a month or two of extensive training, only then can you buy a serious aerial filming platform like, for example a Phantom 3 or 4. And even then, you first need to get familiar with it and find out your limits. Once you feel really comfortable with your big bird and your footage looks breathtaking, then you can hit the weddings and make some serious cash.

2) Real Estate

Drones for Real Estate

If you own a Real Estate business, then you know that nothing sells a property better than a nicely packed video. A picture says more than thousand words, right? Well, in this case, drones with high quality cameras and nice features that allow you to create movie-like aerial footage, are the perfect tool for this job.

For example, if you are trying to sell a house on a beach, just imagine a slow zoom heading from the sea to the coast, with the house slowly becoming bigger as the drone approaches, then a couple of close-up shots of the house from the ground, then again from the air only this time the drone can circle around the house and show how beautiful the neighborhood is, then shots from inside the house, followed by a fly-by over the house… and so on… Sounds interesting?

It really seems like the drones were invented with real estate on mind, doesn’t it?  And, if you like this idea, you can find out more by reading an article about drones designed for real estate.

3) Building and Roof Inspections

Using Drones for Building Inspections

If this is your business, then you are in luck. Drones can not only help you improve your business and take it to a higher level, but can also help you cut down on costs and make it much safer.

How? Well, for starters, you won’t have people hanging from buildings, rooftops, or industrial chimneys, you will use a drone to inspect all that. You will cut down on climbing equipment that is unbelievably expensive, and you will be able to take more jobs because a drone will get the job done much faster than a man.

You just need to invest in a good, stable drone with a high-quality camera and even an infrared one, so that you can discover everything that is wrong with a certain object, film it, and ask for payment at the end. Also, for this, you don’t have to be a Pro Drone Racer to get the job done well. All you have to do is get the piloting license for drones, get to know your bird well, and actually have fun while doing your job!

4) Crop Dusting

Crop Dusting Drone

In case you already have a crop duster and plan on expanding your fleet, know that you don’t have to buy another plane, you can use a drone for that as well! Okay, not for massive field crop dusting, but for smaller areas that need special attention.

To explain it a bit better. Drones can be used for crop dusting, but they can’t handle huge areas and it would take you forever to dust an entire field.

So, how is this going to help you? Well, you can take your business to another level by allowing your customers to have an insight into the parts of their crop fields that are simply not doing well. That can be achieved with the help of infrared cameras that can actually point out to the “Sick” parts of the field.

This way, you can locate such crops and even treat them without endangering the healthy crops because the drone can fly to that certain area, treat the sick crops only, and head back once the job is done. As far as we know, with a plane, this is  impossible, right?

5) Delivery

Delivery drone

This can apply to everyone that owns a business that has something to deliver. For example, you can use drones to deliver pizza, or coffee, or even groceries! The possibilities are endless! But, there are some limitations like, the distance, flight time, and of course, the law…

As far as the distance goes, the stronger your transmitters and receivers, and batteries are, the further you can get. Meaning, more customers on your list! And, you just have to buy or make a drone that has the lifting limit that suits your products. Now, when it comes to the law, there were some changes made that actually make this possible, but you have to apply for a special permit and that process is not that fast, but it is possible.

But, just imagine this… You own a coffee shop, and you have your regular customers. Now, imagine how more regulars would you have if you offer them the home delivery option by a drone! I know I would order coffee every day just to see the drone delivering it to my right on my front lawn! It does sound like a great business opportunity, doesn’t it?

Wrapping It Up

Okay, we gave you a few new ideas for improving your business by using drones, now it’s all up to you to work on the details, and just make sure you let us know how your project is going along, in the comments section. Thanks for reading and good luck! 🙂

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