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4 Ways to Find the Best Deals On Printer Ink

Ink is expensive! Especially if you’re someone who prints regularly, in which case the amount you spend on ink will exceed the original cost of your whole printer in no time. If you use a more cost-effective home printer that goes on sale frequently, they will usually chew up expensive cartridges and empty them out extremely fast.

You may try to save on generic cartridges, but customers who buy these carelessly are often unsatisfied with the products. There are reputable aftermarket manufacturers that exist out there. You just have to know how to look for them and spot them. If you do, you can save 50-percent on average on your ink cartridges, and that adds up.

Best Deals On Printer Ink

There aren’t many name-brand office supply companies like Staples, that offer equivalent inks in their name. Online shopping is where you will find the most success if you play your cards right.

There are online retailers that specialize in aftermarket ink that can be a great option. Generic inks can vary greatly in quality, but with these tips, the good brands offering practical deals will stick out to the customers wishing to save. Read on to find out how to find these quality aftermarket ink cartridges.

1] Choose an Established Brand

It may sound simple, but choose an established name. This is the first filter for getting a good deal on your remanufactured ink cartridges. It does not have to be a famous brand name, as there plenty of generic printer cartridge companies that have built a reputation around selling the same quality as top brands, for significantly less.

Combining the search page position with the existing reviews for the company, you can quickly identify who you want to be buying from. Vendors that have some longevity under their belt are more likely to have higher product standards than suppliers who have only been around for a few years.

2] Ensure They Guarantee Satisfaction

Your retailer should unequivocally back their own product. If satisfaction is guaranteed, you can be confident in your purchase because they are! If a company has strict return policies or no returns you can bank on those being the ones you should avoid.

Especially if you’re buying in bulk, you cannot afford to deal with shady companies. You may not get to a defective cartridge until weeks or months after your original purchase.

3] Read the Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews remain one of the top ways to immediately find out whether a product is worth a purchase or not.

There are people who use the comments section to vent their frustrations, and some may blow things out of proportion, but over time they will be drowned out by satisfied customers who took the time to commend the product.

You should not only read through the reviews on the cartridges you’re purchasing, but also other products that they sell on the website. Doing will help you see how much care they put into the quality of the products they produce.

4] Check Their Return Policy and Customer Service

If they have elite customer service, they probably provide quality ink cartridges. Cartridges malfunction occasionally whether they are name brand or off-brand, and quality retailers know that. They should offer timely replacement cartridges for faulty ones.

It isn’t easy to assess how good a company’s customer service is, but see what you can find. Keep your eyes peeled for awards they may have won for their customer services. The more reputable the source, like Better Business Bureau or Bizrate, the better.

There are third-party providers that are not passionate about quality assurance, which has given third-party consumables a bad name. However, with these tips, you can find quality cartridges at an affordable price and capitalize on third-party retailers who only provide top-of-the-line products.

Saving money on consumables is a great way to shrink your expenses whether you print a couple of times a week or several times every day. Businesses big and small should especially consider cutting back on these costs, to have more funds in their pocket, or to allocate elsewhere within the company.

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