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Starting Your Own Content Marketing Business – A Guide

Some 15 or 16 years ago, SEO agencies were in high demand as several business houses hired their services for the purpose of driving traffic to their company or product websites.

Today, in 2018, the demand for SEO company services still exist, but the market share has been diversified between them and a new type of agency known as a content marketing agency, which is the brand new tool being used by companies worldwide for driving traffic to their sites.

How To Start Your Content Marketing Business (2018)

How To Start Content Marketing Business

Almost every company in existence is aware of one common factor – regular flow of fresh content is a basic and vital necessity. This steady flow is useful for retaining existing and attracting new clients to the business site.

Yet maintaining this steady flow might be difficult for a few companies, as they are more busy with improving their business, service and product quality. In such a case, these companies take the help of content marketing agencies for the purpose of maintaining a steady content flow consistently.

In case you are pondering on starting up your very own content marketing agency or firm here, then you should definitely read the article we have written for you today.

We will be outlining a few strategies that will surely help you to become a content marketer, and also create your own identity, separate from all the SEO agencies out there. So read on to find out more about how to become a successful content marketer, and outperform your competitors.

Giving a clear definition to your niche or genre of content marketing

The internet is filled with all kinds of content, hence the popularity of content marketing. As per latest studies, at least ninety percent of b2b companies make use of content marketing agencies and content marketing services. Hence, it is quite evident that the competition in the content marketing sector is quite severe.

But there is a very simple way to ensure that you have a completely different identity than most of your competitors. When you stick to a certain niche or genre while indulging in content marketing, the competition level will feel much less severe to you.

Being similar to any other general content marketing agency is easy, but you have to face a lot of competition, and you do not have any individual identity as well. Hence, it is always a much smarter idea to go for a content genre or niche which you specialise in, or have a knack for, or know about extensively. That will give you your very own personal space in the market.

Every budget has its own service package

At the early stages of your agency or firm, you need to ensure that you are able to cater to all kinds of customers with all kinds of budgets.

This means that you need to have a wide array of service packages in your arsenal. Some clients might just want some form of guidance so that they can manage and market their own content. For these clients, you need to have consultants on board who would be able to provide a helping hand.

Others might want full service packages, which include many of the following services and features:

  • Creation and promotion of content
  • Providing training to in house content department personnel
  • Marketing content on social media
  • Marking content through email
  • Tracking and setting up web analytics

Always be ready to provide consultation to those who need it

If you think that your agency will not be able to handle the day to day responsibility of content marketing and creation, you might also think about working as a content marketing consultation agency.

You will see that many of your competitors will follow a hands-on approach, but you, as a consultant, will be able to provide strategy, planning and recommendations, which are very much important for any company with an in house content marketing department and in search for some quality guidance.

Always remember to do a bit of content marketing for your own firm

In case you have a plan to establish your expert identity in the content sector, it is imperative that you show through your agency site that you have an idea as to what content marketing is. Hence, always make it a point to become a leading self promoter when it comes to your own content.

In simpler terms, you need to regularly produce stellar and flawless content for your own site, specifically based on content marketing, and market this stellar content with the utmost expertise and sincerity, so as to serve two purposes – the first being letting people know that you are willing provide your services as a content marketer, and the second being showing off your marketing skills to turn these site visitors into customers.

Build up your testimonials and case studies on your own

Testimonials and case studies

In today’s modern business world, you will not find one sector or industry that does not have more than a few bad seeds, who degrade the reputation of the entire sector. If you want to give your customers a sense of security when they hire your services, you need to regularly and honestly maintain a page on your agency website which gives testament to the kind of work you have done and the success you have garnered.

This site page should also include genuine case studies that give testament to all long term results that you have achieved or are forcasting, and also the level of KPI completion for each client.

Do your own data research to give yourself a unique identity

In any company, the amount of content being produced and posted on a day to day basis is quite large, but in reality, only one-thirds of this total amount is original. Almost 75% content writing agencies either use software to produce 10 contents from one, or have their writers rewrite existing content.

Doing so will only harm your own reputation in the market. Hence it is always advisable that you do your own research to produce 100% unique and fresh content. 🙂

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  • Harshil – Great write up on making money being a content writer. This is only going to be an industry that grows as more and more business is done online.

    One thing I want to add is that before launching the business is to get help from free resources like the Small Business Development Centers, StartingYourBusiness. com and SCORE. org.

    There is a lot of complexity and regulations to getting all of the correct business licenses and permits, so use these to help do it right.