6 Reasons Why People Still Love Traditional Marketing

Every business strives to grow and increase the profit and sales. To increase sales they need to increase the customer base and advertising is the key to increase the business. Advertising can broadly be classified into two methods: Traditional marketing methods and new or modern methods.

Reasons to Love Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing:

It refers to any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been in use by the companies for years and has proven success rate. The examples of traditional advertising are print advertising, radio ads, TV ads and so on.

New forms of Marketing:

These methods generally revolve around the internet. Companies use social media tools like Facebook, stunited and online ad campaigns for their promotion. They also develop online web pages or blogs sharing the updated information regarding their products or services.

Although modern methods are gaining more popularity these days but traditional methods should not be overlooked. Traditional marketing methods are well proven and at times are more effective.

Here, we have discussed about traditional marketing and stated the reasons of why people still love traditional marketing:

Advantages of Traditional Marketing:

1. More Accessible:

Traditional Marketing methods can be easily accessed by the people as compared to newer methods that require the use of internet. Although internet based marketing activities can increase the customer base but they can only be accessed by people who are internet savvy or those have access to internet. Whereas traditional methods can be accessed by everyone and hence are useful in increasing the visibility of brand.

2. Some methods are cheaper and effective:

Business cards are the cheapest means of traditional advertising and can produce very effective results. They are cheap because you can hire expert to business card printing easily. Business cards are very effective mode to share the contact as it is portable. They can help in gaining the trust and can create the road map of opportunity. They are more efficient as compared to online ads or website as they have no downtime or internet outage.

3. Easier to reach target customers:

Reach your target customers

Reach target customers

With the help of traditional methods it becomes easier to target the customers. Television broadcasting is very important media through which the target audience can be reached. As per the report by a Nielsen in 2013, approximately 115.6 million Americans still own a television set.

Although it might prove to be expensive but it becomes easier to reach the target customers as majority of the people own a TV set.

4. Power of print advertising:

Print ads can be done in various forms by inserting ads in newspapers, magazines, brochures and other printed material. Prints ads can also be displayed in form of billboards, flyers and banners which are of great use in increasing the brand visibility.

It is very popular tool that can be used to grab the attention of the audience. For example: For example, thinkMoney magazine from TD Ameritrade sees about 90 percent of its customers take direct action on a product it sells through the print magazine.

5. Easily grabs attention:

Traditional methods are more creative and can be used to grab the attention of the customers. For instance: Radio ads are least ignored as 70% people stay tuned with the particular channel when the ad is being broadcasted. Traditional ads can be used to grab the attention of the people of all age group and class. Radio ads can be used to reach wider audience in a short time span and hence are more effective as compared to other medium.

6. Face to face interactions:

Traditional marketing methods offer the chance of face to face interactions at trade shows, conventions or during face to face selling. Social conversations have its own impact and word of mouth publicity is still considered as the best mode of publicity. People get an opportunity to touch, see, hear and interact with this form of marketing.

It helps in gaining the trust of customers as people can see and touch the product before purchasing. In person networking always has higher return on investment as compared to other means; hence it is more opted over other methods.


Traditional means of marketing is an effective way to deliver the message to current and potential customers. If delivered effectively it can act as a catalyst to boost the sales for the company. Despite emergence of digital marketing traditional marketing is not likely to disappear anytime in the near future.

The evolution of the internet doesn’t kill off these channels but it makes us look at them differently because they are used differently by the customers. 🙂

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