Ways To Move Your Business Forward In 2019

We all want to progress and move forward in the business world, right? There are so many different avenues for progression today. Continue reading to find some suggestions that are suitable for 2019.

Ways To Move Your Business Forward


1] Promote your business with name tags

In essence, name badges are seen as a source of identification. They allow customers to easily decipher who works for your company and who does not. Moreover, they make it easy for consumers to approach a member of staff as they can simply call out their name via reading the tag.

Nonetheless, what a lot of people do not realise is that name badges offer so much more than this. They can help to make employees feel valued, they can make your business appear more professional, and they can offer a fantastic method of advertising.

The promotional benefits of name badges are well worth delving into further. After all, innovative methods of marketing are welcomed by any company, especially in the current day and age. Over the past few years heightened importance has been placed on the advertising strategies business utilise.

The recession meant that companies needed to find cost effective ways of marketing, yet at the same time they needed to ensure the strategies deployed were successful in terms of distinguishing their business from all of their competitors in the industry. Name badges are an ideal example of this; not only are they cheap to produce but they also offer mass promotion potential.

Name badges offer a great method of marketing because they literally turn every single one of your employees into a walking advertising board. Think of all the people your members of staff could pass on the daily basis. Some of them may use a bus or train to get to and from work.

Others may go into town on their lunch break. There are then those who may carry out their errands on the way back from work, such as; grocery shopping or picking up the children from school or a childcare service. The sheer number of people they will encounter is monumental.

And every single one of these people has the chance to have spotted their name badge. A well-designed and impressive name tag will undoubtedly be noticed a substantial amount of times. Your business will become ingrained in people’s minds.

If someone has not heard of your company before then intrigue may lead them to search it on the internet when they get home. Alternatively, when people next require the service you provide or the products you sell, your company’s name is likely to pop into their head.

As mentioned earlier, this as an exceedingly cheap method of advertising too. And you need to bear in mind the fact that you are not just buying into a marketing opportunity either. You are providing your customers with an easy method of identification and thus an improved experience.

And you are enhancing productivity by making your staff feel valued and unified.  If you look on the internet you will find name badges available for reasonable prices. Remember, if you buy in bulk then you are likely to make great savings as the price per unit will decrease.

Name tags can offer a monumental opportunity for business in the form of branding and promoting. This is a method that is highly advised in the modern day, after all not only is it effective but it is cheap to implement too.

2] Install better business communication systems

When it comes to business, communication is everything. If you don’t communicate with your employees correctly then how will jobs be completed quickly and effectively?

If you do not communicate with your customers then how are you supposed to know what they want and how are you supposed to fulfil their orders properly? When you look at it; communication lies at the core of all business dynamics.

More attention is given to communication in the modern day because of the sheer wealth of different channels of interacting with one and other.

Thanks to technology and the internet there are now dramatic ways of enhancing your communication channels and improving productivity at your business as a result. You have everything from conference calls and a virtual phone system to instant messages (IM); the possibilities are endless.

Nonetheless, the one key medium of communication that lies at the core of all businesses is telephone systems. Whilst the internet is soaring and alike, the use of the phone still has a massively integral role to play.

This is still the main way businesses communicate, both in terms of dealing with customer requests and queries, as well as employees communicating with one and other.

Telephone engineers can help you make the most of your communication system because they can give you a phone system that is completely tailor made to suit your business. They will get to know everything your business is about; how big it is in size and what the daily operations are like.

The engineers will do this in order to determine how many lines and extensions you will need on your phone system. It will also help them to decipher what features to incorporate in the phone system too, such as call forwarding.

One of the main ways telephone engineers help is because they custom make your phone system so you have flexibility. If your business grows in the future (which is what you are probably hoping for) then a system will be in place that is easily expandable.

This means you don’t need to worry about having to buy new products or changing your communications system if you were to expand. This is crucial because not only does it save you a lot of inconvenience but it also saves you money in the long run too.

Not only this, but it is also worth bearing in mind the fact that telephone engineers help a great deal because they ensure that the system is installed 100 per cent correctly. What you need to remember is that every phone system is different – there is an array of different brands, models and types of phones.

The professionals know how to set up all systems properly; this is not something that is advisable for you to do yourself. It is not always easy to get everything interconnected together.

And last but not least, don’t ignore the fact that telephone engineers will provide you with ongoing support after the installation. This ensures that you always have someone on hand to help you should anything go wrong. This peace of mind is essential. One minute with a communication fault is one minute too much.

3] Make corporate travel cheaper

Nowadays, practically all companies experience the need to travel on a nationwide or global basis. There are a whole host of reasons why this is the case. You may have offices in various areas of the world, you may have moved part of your manufacturing process to another country in order to benefit from cheaper labour, or you may need to meet up with a potential client to seal the deal.

No matter your reasoning, there is one consistent factor, and this is the fact that corporate travel can be extremely expensive if you don’t manage it correctly. You have the obvious costs, such as travel and accommodation expenses.

Make corporate travel cheaper

Yet, you also need to consider other possibilities, such as the need to rearrange a trip or the temporary loss of an employee at your home offices. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover some top tips for corporate travel expense management…

  • Use a Travel Management Company – There is only one place to begin and this is with the benefits that are associated with using a travel management company. Not only will such a company help when it comes to saving money, but they will ensure all aspects of corporate travel are as efficient as possible. You will benefit from one easy to use interface where you will be able to search for travel options, manage all of your trips, and receive any support you require. When it comes to cost savings, you can be certain you are benefitting from the best deals, as these companies have fantastic connections and consequently they are able to boast exclusive discounts.
  • Consider Re-Booking Options – One of the greatest expenses companies experience in relation to corporate travel is the need to reschedule their trip for another date. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more frequently than we would like. Potential clients may need to rearrange or you may have unexpected commitments at your home offices, and thus it becomes necessary to re-book your trip for another date. If you haven’t considered this prospect beforehand you may actually have to book the trip afresh, meaning you end up paying twice as much for one trip. However, there are airlines and alike that are flexible, and will allow you to change your flights for a small fee. This should be considered beforehand to ensure damage limitation is put in place.
  • Make Savings Whenever Possible – Last but not least, don’t overlook the benefits of small savings. They all add up. A good example of this would be selecting a hotel that offers free Wi-Fi. If you fail to do this, your employee will need to pay for Wi-Fi on a daily basis or even an hourly basis. This is an unnecessary expense and one that will easily add up. In addition to this, it is also worth monitoring your employee’s spending. If they want to dine in the fanciest restaurants, that’s their choice, why should you have to fund it? Providing travel cards with a pre-set amount of money is a viable solution.
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