3 Ways To Personalise Your Home Office!

If you have recently switched from a desk job to one where you are working from home, you may occasionally feel bouts of depression or laziness or even simply a general lack of encouragement to get up from bed and get work done.

Now this is perfectly normal and happens to almost everyone who has made the transition from a traditional desk job to one from their very own home office, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Personalise Your Home Office


What’s more, we even have 3 tips for you that are sure to get you motivated and get back on track for your job! So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1] Creating a Personal Wall

Some of us feel disheartened while working for long hours sitting at the same place. Added to that, working from a home office can get lonely very quickly since there is no one to talk to or grab a quick coffee break with.

This is why, it is vitally important that you get your own means of cheering yourself up. Having a wall that is made out of canvas prints of all your memories can often be just the boost you need.

Moreover, it looks really nice and can be an awesome conversation starter should anyone come into your office space.

As a last bonus, it provides an awesome background for those skype meetings and can add that little bit of personality into even the most professional settings.

Of course all of this is an add on, the main purpose of building a photo wall is not for showing it off as an art piece, but so that you can crack a wide smile and reminisce on some good old times every time you glance at it!

2] Changing Up Your Desk Setup

If you are serious about working from home, getting a desk setup is an absolute must. So if you’ve not made a separate workspace for yourself in your home, that should be the first thing on your to-do list.

Another important point to keep in mind here is that do not be afraid of splurging a little when you get a desk for your home office.

We always recommend getting a nice ergonomic chair and a desk that has adjustable height so that you can stretch your legs without having to walk away from work.

Desk Setup

Now that you’ve gotten your desk, it is time to customise it with something that reflects your style. Since this is your home, feel free to make it as cozy as you want it to be. However, do make sure that the desk is kept clean since a cluttered desk will adversely affect your productivity.

3] Let Nature Into Your Room

Most of us spend our working hours staring at computer screens which inevitably leads to eye fatigue and in extreme cases can even lead to headaches and lack of sleep.

An easy way to alleviate this in your home office is to have a small potted plant in the mix that you can occasionally turn and look towards while you’re busy thinking about solutions to any problem that might have cropped up!

Of course if you have a window in your room, you can always keep the curtains drawn and have fresh sunlight streaming in. Sunlight is rich in vitamin C and can be a great morale booster for any time that you’re feeling particularly down and discouraged.

At the end of the day, your home office is supposed to give you freedom from your boring desk job so make sure that you make full use of your independence to decorate it just the way you like it. After all, as they always say.

“A beautiful life begins at home”

And that, includes your office as well!

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