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What to Look for In Instagram Bots?

Let’s be honest, people subconsciously strive to popularity and recognition. That’s pretty natural that such a place of socialization as Instagram becomes a kind of Mecca for millions of ambitious people.

Of course, each of them has his or her own concerns: escaping from boredom, enhancing own forcefulness, brand building, or simply popularity for the sake of popularity, or everything taken together.

Instagram Bots


Tools for promotion are to be around, here and everywhere. We can simply call them Instagram Bots or automation tools. They are created to “make your promotion easier and faster”.

Whether to trust them or not is your personal choice, but note, please, that there are different bots with different functions and modus operandi.

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Beware of

  • Bots which offer “blanks”, empty accounts which follow your account and leave likes or comments assigned to them on tags. Bots have no content, followers, often they do not have even avatars. In the result, you receive more harm than benefits. Bots are registered automatically, and their use is unethical, contrary to the terms of using Instagram and devalues the network, which was originally built on high-quality content.
  • Insecure bots. They claim that they result-oriented and people at full lick rushed buying it. This bot starts “working” and in a day you are claimed to be banned by Instagram as you know, Instagram fights those things with the gloves off.

Another side of “security issues” is the safety of your private information.

  • Complicated interfaces and incomprehensible settings. There is no sense in best motley functionality of bots if you aren’t able to tool them in a proper way. It will restrain you, your promotion, your popularity growth.

Instagram Bot for real followers and likes

The Solution

The relatively new service which is now commercially available for the masses is Inflact. It meant to be one-of-a-kind automation tool which is able to resolve a vast majority of drawbacks of most Instagram bot.

Its supremacy over other others is centered around its high-performance rate, user-friendly interface and guaranteed security of your personal data.


First, Ingramer ensures the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through the advanced filters for your targeting. For instance, via hashtags, location, usernames, gender, language, and even timezone.

In addition to that, its code written in the finest fancy style with Instagram limits considered so there will be no pauses and force majeure, only smooth promotion.

Moreover, Ingramer has added new functions as automated watching Stories and liking accounts feed and comments, now your TA has no chance not to notice you.


Second, it provides full security due to its proxy servers which provide data exchange between you and servers of Internet resources. It veils your data from the owners of applications and websites that you visit, which prevents them from blocking you by IP. In addition, indirect connection allows you to bypass the lock imposed by the provider.

Ingramer is an automation tool that will take an obligation to track the activity speed and regulate all the interactions of your account. What is more, its competent, mindful and gallant team will support you no matter what difficulties you face.


Third, it is simple to use. Its interface allows you intuitively manage your account promotion without watching any video explainers and so on. You are just a couple of clicks away from your lifetime dream.

The development of Instagram automation tools won’t take half-measures. We can observe the great competition among them thanks to which they can thrive and progress. Our task is to choose the right one.

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