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Everything You Need To Know About VPN Private Internet Access

VPN stands for virtual private network. We understand that internet privacy and security is extremely important, a VPN private internet access protects you and your data from security breach. There are VPNs that would cost you money, and there are those that are free and available to download and install at any time. However, your choice of VPN should depend upon what you use the internet for.

Private Internet Access VPN (Anonymous VPN Service)

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You must use your VPN carefully, the VPN you choose should not affect your online works instead. VPNs also vary according to operating systems, they can be different for windows and different for Mac. Here’s everything that you need to know about VPN private internet access:

1) What is a VPN?

A VPN (virtual privacy network) secures your internet connection and keeps it private. Privacy, we know is one of the most important factors in our lives. A VPN helps you to get complete control over the activities you do online and at the same time it protects you from being tracked or hacked. It works by creating an encrypted connection between the server and your computer.

This is the VPN proxy server we are talking about, to which when you’re connected your activity passes through with encryption. What it basically does is, it hides your IP address while at the same time replaces it with an address created randomly. Because of this tracking you becomes almost impossible.

Also, because whatever you enter is encrypted and passes through a secure message, it ensures security of your data. All your ISP will see is that you are connected to a VPN.

It is important for you to also know that a VPN can slow down your internet connection to quite an extent. This happens because of rerouting of your network traffic and if you are a gamer it might affect the speed of the games online. Many VPNs offer free trials so that you can check its speed and effectiveness.

2) How To Use It?

Coming to the point on how to use a VPN private internet access, it has some very simple configuration, installation and setup steps to follow.First of all you will have to stop using the DNS servers of your ISP because those services track you and your DNS requests.

Once you have done that switch the DNS entries to openDNS in your network configuration. Sometimes you do not need to do this, and that is in the case when your VPN service automatically filters your DNS requests. You will have to download the VPN, install it, close your web browser and pull it up again to check if it is working.

In case you’re confused about it, you can simply pull up Google and look up terms like, “I want to know my IP address” or “What is my IP address?” Google immediately will show you your public IP address, all you have to check is whether it is your original IP address or the VPN generated IP address.

Virtual private network (VPN)

3) Why Does Privacy Matter?

Many activities like comments, downloads and link shares done online can go against the laws of the Land. In case any of your activities online falls under the activities which are illegal, with your knowledge or without, and if your IP address is linked to your identity and location, it could bring trouble and nothing else.

A VPN private internet access can’t protect you from this. Your demographics is secured and so is your activity. Talking about hackers, you are saved from being a victim of identity theft as well. Many times your IP address is required for security breaches and a VPN saves your data from being compromised.

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