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American Truck Simulator Steering Wheel For A Realistic Driving Encounter

With the right racing wheels and pedals, you can get the most out of your arcade racer or racing simulator. There’s nothing quite like driving your American truck or luxury car in the privacy of your own house. You want to get the best racing wheel and pedals for the money, but you’re not sure where to begin.

American Truck Simulator Steering Wheel

What to consider before buying


You need to pay attention to the materials and build quality of the wheel. If you want your wheel to last a long time, choose one that is made of metal and not cheap plastic. The best ones are made out of CNC-machined aluminum.


The sensitivity of the wheels, as well as the angle of rotation, should be considered. The majority of racing wheels have a rotation angle of 180 to 270 degrees. Others have 360 degrees, with 1080 degrees being the most we’ve seen on the market. Think of how you’ll use the racing wheel.

Large angle wheels are not for all because they are more difficult to manage and Centre. Others have a rotating angle that can be adjusted to fit the game you’re playing.


Make sure to check to see if the game you’re playing is compatible with the hardware. Check to see if the racing wheel works for your setup.

You may, however, purchase a universal racing wheel. You won’t have to think about compatibility since they operate on both consoles and computers.


Transmission and rudder pedals are the two styles of pedals. The transmission pedal is the less expensive choice. They typically have a lever and a set of keys. The rudder pedals are the same as those used in real vehicles. They can either have a clutch and a break or a clutch and a break.

On the pedal base are the rudder pedals. The pedal base must be secured so that it does not move when you press down on the pedals. The majority of them have a realistic feel to them. The brake pedal requires more pressure to register than the accelerator pedal, but the amount of pressure required varies by design.


The majority of the racing wheels are plug-and-play. Others, on the other hand, need specialized software and configurations in order to function. When it comes to racing wheels, there are two different forms of feedback systems.

The rumble feedback works in the same way that the vibrations from your console controllers do. When your in-game car collides or runs into another car, the wheels have vibrating motors that shock and shake.

Depending on the type of terrain the car is on or the situation you’re in, the Force feedback system will change the smoothness and speed of the steering. Both of these structures help to create a sense of immersion in the game.

How to set up the American truck simulator steering wheel

First and foremost, connect your USB cable to your device. Allow your machine to do its job (installing the product). Then, from the OFFICIAL site, get a cab (in my case, Logitech). If you get it from a random website, you’ll almost certainly get a virus or a driver for something completely different.

Then, open Euro Truck Simulator, choose your profile, and wait for the game to begin. After that, go to options, then controls. You’ll see a lot of stuff, but we won’t use it just yet. Even, don’t worry if your game doesn’t recognize your wheel; we’ll take care of that right now.

If you see “Input Wizard,” move your cursor over to the button and press it. Go to controllers and press on it as it lights up. It is constantly looking for a linked controller and will continue to do so (Detecting available controllers) even though it says no game controllers were found.

Close the game and disconnect your controller, then reconnect it and restart the game. If the problem persists, you will need to restart your computer.

Also, double-check that you have the right drivers mounted. Now that you’ve pressed the “Controller” button, you should see four options: Simple automatic, real automatic, Sequential, and H-Shifter.

Choose Simple automatic for the most basic mode of play. Choose Real automatic for a little more realism. Choose Sequential for a lot of realism, and H-Shifter for the most realism.

A H-Shifter is a manual gearbox that can be plugged into a G25, G27, or G29 (G920); choose that alternative option only if you have one; for now, we’ll go with Real Automatic.

When you click the button, you should see some information; if you see Combined Pedals, go to advanced settings, leave everything alone, and focus on the following two options: if it says Combined Pedals on the Brake and Acceleration axes, click on Joy Combined Pedals and press either the brake or acceleration pedal.

Does it for both now that you’ve got your pedals set up! You can go further into the advanced setup if you like. Return to the previous screen and then select Finish Wizard. You’ll return to the controls menu, where you’ll see that the game has detected your wheel if everything went well.

It’s all yours to play with! You can change any settings in the controls menu if you want to (think of steering sensitivity, force feedback etc.).

If you want to bind controls to the wheel, go to the Keys & Buttons section, click on the controls on the secondary row, and then click on the button on the wheel where you want the feature to be bound.

Finally, the best steering wheel for an american truck simulator steering wheel setup has tough sections that you can program to fit your playing style.

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