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Top 10 Softwares That Will Improves Your Writing Skills

Writing is never an easy task if you are not born with the skill, however it is very possible to improve your writing skills if you work hard. Also, to deliver an excellent job you must write on a consistent basis and employ the use of some writing tips offered by reputable writing companies like

The Best Writing Apps And Softwares

Best Writing Apps And Softwares

Moreover, technology has led to the development of some software that will drastically improve your writing. These apps provide everything you need to drop a masterpiece. Hence, to learn about some apps, this article is highly recommended for you. Here is a list of top 10 softwares that improves writing skills.


Airstory is an effective research app that provides content related to the subject matter you wish to write about. You can easily save useful pieces of information on web pages using this app to further work on them in a word document.

Apart from providing its services for free, Airstory offers a combination of apps like WordPress and Google Drive to aid your writing.

Graph Words

Graph Words is a software that provides synonyms and antonyms of words through visual representations. Although it is similar to OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus, Graph Words allow a writer to obtain simple words that will do a better job in a write-up. Most importantly, it provides the part of speech of these words to help the writer make the right choices.


Grammarly is a quality app that checks spelling and grammatical errors in essays and other forms of writings. Apart from proofreading, Grammarly checks the language of the writing, checks for plagiarism, suggests better words or combination of words that will make the sentence more meaningful and checks for word repetition.

Grammarly is a tool that helps you deliver an excellent work free of all forms of grammatical and spelling errors.


ProWritingAid is a free app that gives access to more than 15 essay reviews. It helps to build the writing abilities of its users by providing an overview of their work and advice that can make their work better. ProWritingAid comes with intriguing features that helps a user deliver excellent jobs.


Coffitivity is a tool that increases the creativity of a writer for excellent results. With tools like Coffitivity, a writer that is inspired by music can enjoy some brain inspiring melody that stimulates the release of ideas and encourages brainstorming.

Coffitivity provides what is known as good noise, which helps to sparkle the brain and ease the mind of stress and worries that affects the writing performance of a person.

750 words

750 words is an app that builds your writing skills. It provides users with topics on a daily basis to keep them dedicated and committed. With 750 words, you will be required to submit an article of 750 words daily.

By this, you will naturally improve as a result of consistently. However, as a source of motivation, 750 words use a point system to reward writers that meet targets and deadlines.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus

OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus is an online app that provides meanings to words. Apart from providing meanings, OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus supplies related synonyms and antonyms to increase the vocabulary of the user. OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus is an app that can improve your writing very well.

IsItWP Headline Analyzer

Using a fascinating headline for an article increases the articles ranking on organic search result pages and increases the traffic on your website. However, the IsItWP Headline Analyzer is a software that allows you to attend this with ease.

For bloggers and content writers that need a headline that draws sufficient attention to a post, the IsItWP Headline Analyzer helps to analyze articles to give a headline that instantly catches the attention of readers.


Hemmingway is a writing app that is highly recommended for beginners that are trying to build their writing style. The Hemmingway teaches you to build simple sentences by removing complex sentences in your write-ups.

Also, it corrects your vocabulary and suggests some words that will do a better job. Hemmingway enhances your ability to compose meaningful write-ups with more precision and excellence.

Daily page

Daily Page is a top software that will definitely improve your writing skills. The Daily Page provides inspiration for writing by the regular supply of a topic that you must write on. Writing consistently is one way to become a master and Daily Page will improve your writing abilities immensely.


Writing a good article or essay is one of the things that will surely be expected from us at one point in our lives. Whether it is a thesis, research papers, cover letters, curriculum vitae, resume or application letters, writing standards never change.

Hence, these softwares will help improve your writing skills. However, visit to obtain some tips that can guide you when writing.

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