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Mobile Website Builder to Get Your Online Business Up and Running – 8b Review

Websites have become an integral part of every business. Whether it’s an online company or a local business, everyone needs a website. It used to be an expensive and time-consuming task.

But the online world has become more accessible with the growth of technology. Many online website builders allow you to design a website yourself and you don’t need any technical knowledge for that.

Mobile Website Builder to Get Your Online Business Up

Some of the builders don’t meet one’s requirements, and some are expensive. But 8b Mobile Website Builder is one of the best online tools for this job. It may sound like it creates websites just for mobile phones but that’s not how it is. Actually, it helps you build websites that are responsive – a feature rarely found in other website builders.

How to Start Your Website with 8b

If you need a website for your business, you can start now with the 8b. It’s a simple 4-step procedure that only takes minutes and you get an up and running website.

1] Sign up

Simply provide your name and email to register with the 8b. Only you can access and modify your website when you sign up.

2] Choose a Template

You will be presented a lot of unique templates to get started with.Template is the basic structure of your website which you can modify as per your wish.

3] Design your Website

Design your Website

The third step is to modify that template and design your website. You can choose backgrounds, fonts, color, and many other options of your choice. You can make it as good as you can visualize it.

4] Publish your Website

Every website needs a domain and hosting so everyone can see it online. 8b publishes it for you in just one click.

8b Website Builder

Benefits of Using 8b

Online website builders are a great facility. 8b has made it even better. There are a lot of benefits of using this online tool some of which are as follows.

1] Completely free

Most website builders are either imperfect or very expensive. 8b is the only online website builder I found that is not only perfect but also free of cost.

2] No-coding

You don’t have to be a programmer to create a website with 8b. You just need to know what you want. All it takes isdrag & dropof a few minutes. There won’t come any point where you need to do coding. Even designing is very easy with this tool.

3] Responsive Design

A website is considered responsive it provides a good user interface in all devices. Your visitors won’t just be using a computer when they come to your website. Some might be using tablets, some mobile phones, and some laptops. 8b designs websites that are responsive on all devices.

Mobile-Optimized Responsive Websites

4] User-friendly Customization

Most of you might be concerned if you will be able to create a website without any help. The answer is a simple YES. 8b provides a very user-friendly customization interface. You get a ready-made template which you can modify with different colors and images of your choice.

Furthermore, it uses WYSIWYG editor, which means you can see how the published website will look to visitors while you are editing it. The following 4-minutes video shows how easily you can design a website with 8b.

Free & Simple Website Builder


Every business should have a website. One can either hire an expensive professional or build a website himself. Latter saves you time and money. There is no shortage of website builders. But you need the one that works best for you. Instead of wasting your time trying different services, I would recommend you to try 8b Mobile Website Builder.

It’s easy, free, and offers every feature that you can possibly need.It has even made it easy to publish your website which requires a lot of server configuration if you do it otherwise. You can find more information about 8b on their website.

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