How You Can Get Your CPA Review Materials for Free

If you’re preparing to take the CPA exam, you may be looking for all the free educational material you can find. UWorld Roger CPA Review can help you get the assistance you need.

All candidates are required to pass the CPA exam. It is administered individually over a total of 16 hours and made up of four sections.

Get Your CPA Review Materials

  • Auditing and Attestation.
  • Business Environment and Concepts.
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting.
  • Regulation.

Each part consists of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations. The simulations are case studies designed to test the skills of an entry-level certified public accountant.

They encompass abilities such as research, communication, analysis, and judgment. Candidates may need to do problem-solving, work on spreadsheets, complete analysis or demonstrate written business communication skills.

CPA Exam Preparation

CPA candidates generally do lots of preparation before taking the exam. There are ways to find CPA review material for free if you know where to look.

Free Access to CPA Literature

While completing the task-based simulations, candidates use professional literature databases online to answer questions. Fortunately, CPA candidates can get free access to the literature before taking the exam. It helps them to become familiar with the materials.

Who is eligible to access the free professional literature? CPA candidates who have applied to take and qualify for the CPA exam may access it. To apply for the six-month access, visit the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy website. The professional literature package includes.

  • AICPA Professional Standards.
  • FASB Accounting Standards Codification.
  • FASB Original Pronouncements.

AICPA Exam Blueprints

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has developed CPA Exam Blueprints so that CPA candidates understand what topics and skills are tested on the CPA exam. They are an excellent free resource. Candidates get an idea of the minimum level of skills and knowledge needed to pass the exam.

The Blueprints are published once or twice per year. They include information such as.

  • Content arranged by area, group, and topic.
  • Sample task statements with associated skill levels.
  • Number of item types (multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and written communication tasks) you need to complete.
  • Reference materials.
  • Score weighting.

The CPA Exam Blueprints can help you prepare for the exam. However, if you take one of our UWorld Roger CPA Review courses, you find that they follow the same path as the blueprints so that you are ready for the exam.

UWorld Roger CPA Review Learning Center

Whether you’re just getting started or have already done some studying, our UWorld Roger CPA Review Learning Center has information to help you. Our comprehensive resource enables you to get to know the CPA exam and CPA licensure.

  • Videos: Our videos can help you with your CPA review process. We cover soft skills, trending topics, CPA exam basics, strategies, updates and help on complex topics.
  • Accounting dictionary: We have hundreds of terms and definitions in our accounting dictionary, along with examples.
  • Questions and answers: Do you have tough questions? We have the answers for you. Whether you want to know about accounting as a second career, passing the exam or becoming a CPA, our free resources can help.

Free Trial

You’ve studied all the free CPA exam resources you can. What’s next? It’s time to decide if you want to enroll in a CPA review course. It can be a good investment for you; studies show that candidates who enroll in a review course have higher passing rates. Students who use our CPA review course have a 94% passing rate on the CPA exam.

We can help you with your CPA exam journey. UWorld Roger CPA Review offers quality CPA exam preparation proven by thousands of students who have passed the exam with us. Sign up for your free trial today!

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