Smart Study Will Help You Clear JEE – Here’s How

Engineering is the golden ticket to many dreams, and so it also happens to be the dream of many aspiring students. There are many entrance exams an aspiring engineering student can take up, but none is most widely takes as the JEE Mains and Advanced exams. The JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams are one of the most prestigious competitive entrance exams for engineering.

Clear JEE Mains Exams

Clear JEE Exam

While both of them are essentially the same entrance exam, the JEE Mains is the phase 1 exam followed by the JEE Advanced entrance exam, which is the final and phase 2 entrance exam. Those who qualify during their JEE 2016 mains are allowed to take up the JEE 2016 Advanced exam. You have two different application forms to fill if you wish to take up the JEE Advanced Exam, the JEE Mains application form and the JEE Advanced application form.

The JEE Mains result help the students gain entry into some of the renowned engineering institutes across India, while the same results helps select the few students who can take up the JEE Advanced exam. The results will help the students get admission into some of the top prestigious institutes and IIT’s in India.

With the JEE mains admit card soon to be released, the students are busy preparing for the JEE mains syllabus and revising. One of the top mantras a student has to follow in cracking the JEE is- Don’t just study hard, study smart. The JEE Mains is an exam that tests your efficiency and ability in quickly understanding a problem and solving it in less time. To do so, one has to be prepared well and thoroughly.

Here we have compiled a list of tips that will help you in your quest to study smart-

Practical Planning

When in comes to preparing a study plan, the most important thing to consider is practicality. Setting too high a limits but not being able to meet them will only hinder you in achieving your final goal. Assess your capabilities and spot your weaknesses and strengths.

Carefully consider the time you will have to prepare for the exam and prepare accordingly. Be careful to allocate ample time for preparing for a competitive entrance exam and concentrate on the areas of weaknesses sufficiently to help you improve in those areas.

Know Your Syllabus

One of the most necessary aspects of studying smart is to know what you have to study and you have to study them. Therefore, do your research and understand the importance of each topic, recognize the ones you are comfortable and the ones you have or might have troubles with and concentrate more on those topics accordingly.

Identifying your strengths and weaknesses in the syllabus specified will help you plan a better study plan and also help you concentrate better on the more finer points in preparing for the competitive entrance exams.

Mock Tests

Mock tests and exams form a vital part of any entrance exam preparation for any course. They help assessing your preparedness and understanding of each topic in the syllabus specified. The mock tests help you get a firsthand experience of what to expect in the actual entrance exam and importance given to each topic in the exam.

A mock test helps you in tracking your preparation effectively. Mock tests must be taken at every step of your preparation, as much as possible. Mock tests also help students to identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses efficiently. 🙂

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