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Attorney at Work! – Requires These iPhone Apps

iPhone application development has brought about a unique aspect of efficiency and productivity in smartphone users’ lives. You will be amazed to know that it’s not just the number that is impressive but also the variety of apps accessible. It is not limited to fun alone; there are numerous apps available that enhance the business and workplace productivity.

Some of these iPhone apps also help a niche smartphone user segment. In this article, we will have a look at some interesting apps that add significant value to attorneys and law practitioners in their chosen vocation:

1. Black’s Law Dictionary:
Black’s Law Dictionary
This is the go-to reference point that most students seek when they start law school. iPhone now has an app for this useful law dictionary that can come in handy for both students as well as experienced professional.

2. WorkMate:

This iPhone app provides instant access to ACAS guidelines to help curtail legal problems. It is a valuable resource for HR professionals, legal department of a company or law students. It assists legal professionals to efficiently deal with the discipline and grievances at work place.

3. iPro Recorder:
iPro Recorder
Busy attorneys don’t have time to fiddle with a million portable devices. iPro Recorder turns your iPhone into a mobile dictation device. It comes with a one-touch recording features, which automatically pauses upon sensing an incoming call. You can pursuit any portions of the recording swiftly and even mail them. It is a great way to take notes when you are unable to write them down.

4. TrialPad:


This application allows attorneys to present exhibits in court. It also permits attorneys to view diagrams, pictures and other evidence from multiple perspectives, granting juries a better look at their evidence. The well organized and an ordered document management system that comes with this app, helps in easy storage, access and retrieval of documents pertaining to a case.

5. Documents Free:Documents Free
It is a mobile Office suite that allows you create, edit and maintain a track of various text files and spreadsheets. You can also sync up to Google Docs to take the law wherever you go. This easy-to-use application acts as an undeniably convenient tool for lawyers. 

6. Total Attorneys:
Total AttorneysIt is an easy-to-use, flexible and comprehensive practice management tool that enables busy legal professionals to manage their practice irrespective of where they are located. With a finger tap, lawyers have access to appointments, contacts, leads, documents, matters, and billing records.

iPhone application development has unquestionably taken the road of novelty by aiding attorneys to save time and turbulence’s though helpful apps such as the ones listed in this article. These applications designed exclusively for legal professionals keep in mind the potential to increase efficiency and productivity of attorneys.

While law firms and attorneys aren’t usually the first one to enthusiastically embrace the advancement of technology, those who have actually downloaded and used these iPhone apps have reaped the benefits immensely. If you practice law, these apps should be a must-have in your professional arsenal.

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