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Apply These Awesome Tricks To Keep Your Readers Engaged

Many times we come across a great piece of writing that has not received its fair share of appreciation. Maybe you are one of such writers and feel your beautiful writing is still undiscovered.

Or maybe you want to popularise your opinion on a cause but are unable to get the desirable readership. Whatever may be the reason, one thing is common, and that is you want people to read your piece and come back for more.

Keeping Your Readers Constantly Engaged


To encourage readership, you have probably tried many unsuccessful tricks. And the feeling of not getting enough readership often leads to disappointment and then abandonment. But hold on, mate! Try the following tips and see the number of views escalating.

1] Do Not Talk About The Negative

People read to get inspired, motivated, and hopeful. If your blogs, stories, or articles do not induce positivity in your readers, they would probably not turn up again.

Unhappy endings, evil characters, and dark stories are not everybody’s cup of tea. You must focus on positive messages and uplifting and encouraging ideas instead. That does not mean you have to be all imaginary and ignore reality. You should strive to create a positive balance instead.

2] Avoid Repeating

Ideas, words, sentences, or formats, repetition is only mundane for the readers. You can use wordcounttool.com to check how many times you have written the same word.

Try to avoid presenting the same idea in multiple sentences. Just because you have to fill the word limit does not mean you need to repeat things. Everyone loves to see and read something new, something that adds to their knowledge. Try to focus on that instead. If you are a blogger, try not to write on the same topics again and again.

3] Be personal

People love it when you pour out your heart. The most successful authors, speakers, and artists paint their work with their emotions. Use the magic of storytelling to arrest your readers.

Be personal

This way, you can talk about your private life without revealing it all. You can build plots around the major events of your life and still be secretive about what happened in your own life.

4] Do Not Be Bossy

No matter how tempting it is to instruct your readers, refrain from doing so. Nobody likes to be told exactly what to do all the time. If you want to transfer your message, be subtle about it. It should be like a shy pet that makes an appearance time and again but is not all over the frame.

You should not be too adamant about your argument as well. Give the power to your readers to decide what to do.

5] Be Passionate

A reader can tell if you are really passionate about the topic or are just writing it for the sake of writing. And trust us, they would not like to read your masterpiece if they feel it is not coming directly from your heart. So, no matter how trending the idea is, if it does not interest you, it would not interest your reader as well.

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