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20 Best Fly Fishing Movies to Watch

Warmer weather is on its way, and the ice is thawing, making rivers and lakes more accessible to fly fishermen. Fishermen are notorious for telling amazing stories, which have inspired some of the best fly-fishing movies.

Through a particular process of submission, some even make it to the international fly-fishing film festival.

The Ultimate Selection of Fly Fishing Movies!

Best Fly Fishing Movies to Watch

Here’s the list of the best fly-fishing films to watch.


Predator, which premiered at the 2012 Rise Fly Fishing Film Tour, quickly established itself as a superb fly fishing film.

This film, narrated by angler Greg French and shot by Nick Reygaert, features breathtaking scenes of brown trout, taimen, queenfish, and other species. A tribute to the fish that can be caught on a fly in the world’s waterways.

A River Runs Through It

This Robert Redford film, starring Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer, is widely regarded as the best fly-fishing movie. It chronicles the story of two brothers, Paul and Norman Maclean.

One is more reserved, while the other is more rebellious, but they both enjoy fly fishing. As they grow older and separate, Norman heads east for college, leaving back Paul.

Low and Clear

This lovely film follows two fishermen, J.T. Van Zandt and Alex “Xenie” Hall, on their final fishing trip together. They used to go on a lot of fishing excursions together years ago, but as time passed, life took them in different directions.

They share their favorite travel recollections from their favorite destinations. They realize how far they have come in their lives and the threats these changes pose to their friendship as they travel.

Grumpy Old Men

A genuine comedy starring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau. Two elderly men have lived next door to each other for almost 50 years. There is never a dull moment with these two, from the loss of a prized fly rod to cunning pranks.

Suddenly, things seem to alter whenever there is a woman moving through the street. One of them marries her, and the two pals reconcile, but not without one final prank.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen

This romantic comedy starring Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor is a must-see. It follows a fisheries specialist and a financial adviser as they attempt to bring Atlantic salmon fishing to the unfriendly desert environment.

They discover that this river cannot support the survival of salmon. The project moves forward as the romance between the two major characters blossoms.

Gone Fishin’

A Disney film depicts the story of two men who embark on a four-day fishing excursion that goes disastrously wrong. They travel to the deep south to fish in the Florida Everglades.

Actors Joe Pesci and Danny Glover find themselves in increasingly perilous situations as the journey progresses.

The Land of Little Rivers

This documentary, shot in the Catskill Mountains of New York, the cradle of American fly fishing, presents the history of fly fishing with the biggest figures in it.

Joan Wulff, commonly known as the “First Lady of Fly Fishing,” discusses methods to support conservation organizations through capture adventure media with Ben Rinker, Dave Bradnt, and others. They investigate the evolution of fly fishing and its origins among local anglers.

This is one of the most fascinating and greatest fly fishing documentaries, bringing to fans all around the world the stories of well-known names in the world of fly fishing.

The River Why

Gus Orviston, played by Zach Gilford, adores the great outdoors and wants to do nothing but fish. He abandons his family and the outside world and travels to a remote cottage where he meets Eddy, played by Amber Heard.

This relationship enables him to mature into a man. He is still a long way from maturity, but this adventure away from his family taught him what is most important.

Perfect Storm

Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney deliver to fly fishing aficionados everywhere the true story of a killer storm in the North Atlantic. In 1991, the Andrea Gail, a commercial swordfishing boat, left the beach for fishing areas farther north.

Despite the shift in weather, the crew decides to proceed into the Atlantic’s huge waters. The fishermen’s equipment stood in stark contrast to what the water had in store for them.

Moby Dick

A silver screen classic starring a giant fish and a vengeful sailor. This adventure picture, like many others, began as a novel authored by Herman Melville.

Gregory Peck plays Captain Ahab, the lone survivor in the hunt for the white sperm whale. Years previously, a whale bit Ahab’s leg, sparking his ambition to kill the whale.

He is willing to give up everything, even his crew, his ship, and his life.


Jaws, a legendary, thrilling picture, is the next best thing to a typical fishing movie. On Amity Island, the sheriff, played by Roy Scheider, discovers the remains of a great white shark attack close to the shore.

Because shark attacks are uncommon in this area, local businesses, the mayor, and people of the community were uneasy with this information.

To capture the shark, a bounty is placed, and a fisherman, a marine biologist, and a sheriff are dispatched to the area. They rapidly realize they would need a larger boat than they anticipated.

The Old Man and the Sea

Spencer Tracy plays an elderly man who is obsessed with fly fishing. He’s spent his entire life fishing and has nothing to show for it. Local fishermen mocked him, saying he was too elderly to make a difference.

A small youngster becomes his inspiration to keep going and accomplish what he enjoys. He snags the biggest marlin he’s ever seen with his newfound trust.

It was so massive that it dragged him out to sea. As this occurs, the old guy reflects on his life and the high points that have transpired.

The Complete Angler

James Prosek embarks on an excursion through England to adopt Izaak Walton’s principles into his life in an ESPN original documentary. Walton’s The Compleat Angler was published in 1653, yet as Prosek discovered, it still remains true today.

While studying Walton’s methods, Prosek understood that the Compleat Angler is about more than just fishing. For some anglers, fishing is more than just an outdoor hobby; it can cleanse the soul of every day worries.

On Golden Pond

Norman Thayer, played by Henry Fonda, and his wife spend every summer at their cottage on Golden Pond. Their daughter, her fiancé, and their stepson come to celebrate his birthday with them.

Their daughter requested her parents to care for her stepson while she and her fiancé were in Europe before they left.

When Norman’s daughter leaves, he establishes a relationship with her stepson, which his daughter had always desired with him.

Hang Tight

This 15-minute top-tier selection of short films follows a group of fly anglers around Slovenia’s rivers and was an official selection of the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival in 2018.

This is a story about blasphemy, pride, and beer–the preferred beverage of most fishermen. The clip depicts the gravity of the sport of fly fishing.

Anglers compete as one man strains his mental limits to capture his first marble trout, which is only found in this section of the world.


Rise shows 6 fly fishing places in the top international seas for those looking for the best fly-fishing action. This adventure begins in the United States and proceeds worldwide as a sequel to the 2008 film Drift.

Starting with tarpon or the silver king in Florida, Patagonia for brown and rainbow trout, and Henry’s Fork on the Snake River for the best dry fly fishing.

This film is the ideal adventure for every fly-fishing enthusiast, and it is the best content to demonstrate the many fishing environments across the world.

Where the Yellowstone Goes

The Yellowstone River is one of America’s most famous rivers. A crew embarks on a 30-day river trek. They talk to locals and tell them about the villages and fly shops along the river.

Locals’ stories reveal the history of the location as well as the conflicts concerning the future of those areas.

The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway

This DVD, narrated by Tom Skerritt, highlights all of the best fly fishing action in the Northern Rockies. It follows US Highway 20 through Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon’s premier fly-fishing waters.

The film also travels across picturesque peaks, deserts, and rivers that attract scientific anglers and fishers from all over the world. Even those who do not normally enjoy fly fishing are won over by the film.

Live the Stream

This new documentary depicts the story of Joe Humphreys, a lifetime fisherman. The Pennsylvania fly fishing legend explains the fundamentals of fly fishing while also demonstrating respect for local waters.

Viewers can connect with him and the trout streams that remind him of his boyhood through his pursuit of open spaces. He is a well-known figure in town and along the waterways, and he has influenced more people than he realizes.

The Bait Shop

Bill Dugan, a local fly shop proprietor played by Bill Engvall, is seen to be the owner of a bait shop on Paradise Lake. He is deeply in debt, owing $15,000 on his mortgage.

Bill decides to compete in a professional bass contest since the prize will pay off his debt and save his shop. The grand prize was $50,000.

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