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Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile CMMS Is Beneficial

Maintenance is a core activity in every organization, irrespective of the nature of business. Let’s agree that handling maintenance is not a 9 to 5 activity, it is about being active and available anytime.

For instance, if a vital system crashes on the weekend, then the maintenance team needs to resolve the issue immediately so that it is up and working on Monday.

Why Mobile CMMS Is Beneficial

But what happens when you have multiple offices, how can one centralized maintenance team, manage all the work, without having to run from one office to another? The answer to efficient maintenance management is CMMS software, but here, we are not talking about a computerized maintenance management system, but a mobile CMMS.

While a desktop CMMS will also allow you to perform the same activities that a mobile CMMS can. Still, a mobile CMMS offers flexibility and mobility, which is perhaps the need for most businesses.

Today, everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, and DATA is no more a problem, so managing maintenance activities on phones or tablets is more accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

Let’s now look at some benefits of mobile-based CMMS.

1] Works Real-time

Using the mobile-based CMMS, maintenance managers can collect and submit data related to labour, machinery, or costs on a real-time basis.

Additionally, businesses can attach barcodes to their mechanisms and other immovable assets, so that maintenance officers and technicians can scan the code, using their smartphones and access all information related to the device or equipment. This method can be a great time saver as the full equipment history is made available within seconds.

2] Remote Working

One reason why most businesses are shifting to a mobile-based CMMS is the ability to work remotely from anywhere and anytime. With mobile CMMS, maintenance managers and technicians can handle any activity, without being physically present.

Remote Working

Another great feature of a mobile CMMS is its capability to store data on an offline mode. So, if you do not have wi-fi access in a location, you can still store data offline, and it will automatically get uploaded once it gets internet connectivity.

3] Brings more Transparency in Operations

So now, when everything is happening on a real-time basis, then there is no scope for error. Managers, Top bosses, technicians, and the entire management can view the data related to every department and work collaboratively with proper understanding. This can help the company create new strategies that can take their business to newer heights.

4] Saves Time and Money

The remote working feature saves a of lot time for the technicians and managers, they now can work from anywhere, and thus, their physical presence is no more a compulsion.

Saves Time and Money

Secondly, now that crisis can be handled anytime, the downtime gets significantly reduced, thus it saves a tremendous amount of money, and it boosts productivity. For any organization, time and money are the two essential elements; Mobile CMMS is the right tool that can increase profits and save time significantly.

5] Preventive Maintenance Programme

With the help of a Mobile based CMMS, companies can shift from a reactive maintenance procedure to a preventive maintenance programme.

This is basically a shift from the manual method to a technologically advanced mobile plan. Companies can save their money and time by adapting to a mobile based CMMS maintenance programme.


Streamlining work orders, handling the crisis on time, stirring better collaborations, bringing transparency in operations, and above all, increasing the human and data efficiency, the mobile-based CMMS can be a real boon to businesses. You can have one centralized team to handle multiple job locations and thus save on a considerable cost.

Further, when data gets collected in real-time, the chances of error are reduced, and productivity is considerably boosted. With such significant advantages, every business must enhance its maintenance systems and get upgraded to a mobile-based CMMS.

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