Six Places To Explore In Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge, a spectacular mountain resort city with picturesque views and family-friendly activities, is located in Sevier Country in East Tennessee. This vacation hotspot hosts thousands of tourists every year as people worldwide visit to take a break from their mundane life and spend quality time away from their everyday routine.

Best Places to Visit In Pigeon Forge

Best Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge has plenty to offer to people of all ages, from amusement parks to museums, ancient forests to plunging waterfalls. People who visit once yearn to see again.

Another attraction that makes Pigeon Forge a favorite spot for many is its climate. The town experiences all four seasons, and every season is perfectly balanced. Summers are warm but not hot, and the winters are cold but not freezing.

The town is a hub for tourists where they can walk in the woods, go for a hike in the smokies and explore the famous Parrot Mountain and Gardens to see parrots in various colors and sizes. While some people think Pigeon Forge is a place reserved for nature lovers, this isn’t the case.

Here are six places for you to explore in Pigeon Forge.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A paradise for people, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park attracts people from all corners of the world. It is home to spring wildflowers, mushrooms, trout and other aquatic species, massive elks, and bears.

The Park is considered UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Great Smoky National Park has more than 800 miles of hiking trails, and it offers mesmerizing views to the hikers.

Since Pigeon Forge is almost always busy, people usually decide on staying at Gatlinburg, which is just 5 miles away. Here, one can easily rent cabins because they’re affordable and provide all the necessary amenities you’d need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, the staff at Gatlinburg cabins is accommodating and will help organize your trip by suggesting activities and places to check out during your holiday.

The Titanic Museum

A trip to Pigeon Forge is never complete without visiting the famous Titanic Museum. Its located inside a massive ship on Parkway, and its bow rests in the water fountain. The museum also displays the world’s largest LEGO model of the RMS Titanic, which is 26 feet long and is made up of 56.000 bricks.

As the name implies, the museum gives an insight into the unfortunate 1912 voyage. It honors the passengers who couldn’t make it alive and succumbed to the icy waters of the Atlantic.

While visiting this fantastic yet weird museum, you’ll also have a chance to touch an iceberg and walk on the Grand Staircase, one of Titanic’s most iconic features.

Little Pigeon River

The Little Pigeon River doesn’t get much coverage, and people often miss out on checking out this fantastic waterway. It is nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains and offers scenic views, has deep pools and bustling streams.

People can go fishing, take a stroll around the river banks or go sailing. Photographers have an opportunity to capture spectacular panoramic views, and nature enthusiasts spend time taking in scenic views of the Smokies.


People familiar with Pigeon Forge know about the significance of Dollywood. Created by Dolly Partin, Dollywood offers thrilling rides to give you an adrenaline rush.

The Dollywood Express is a famous train that houses 550 guests in seven cars and provides 30 minutes ride every hour. It also has a waterpark with several pools, spiraling slides, and splash pads. Whether you visit Pigeon Forge for an extended vacation, you must check out Dollywood.

Forbidden Caverns

The state of Tennessee is home to numerous caves. The Forbidden Caverns is a popular attraction for tourists and adventurists. If you want to explore these caverns, there are 55 minutes-long tours with a guide who will fill you up with fascinating information facts.

Some caves have light and stereo sound systems and offer a spooky show. The caves are cool in summers, but the winters are chilly, and you’ll need a layer or two to keep yourself warm. Tourists can see sparkling formations, crystal clear streams, massive natural chimneys, and multiple caves as they pass by the caves.

Hollywood Wax Museum

The Hollywood Wax Museum is a 22,000 square foot, two-level museum containing all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood.

The museum features celebrities from the film fraternity, and many music artists are also present there. The unique thing about this incredible museum is that the wax figures aren’t behind a glass; instead, they’re placed in the open.

The museum also has an entertainment center, making the Hollywood Wax Museum a must-visit if you’re at Pigeon Forge.


Pigeon Forge is a magical vacation hotspot that offers enthralling views and a wide variety of activities for the entire family. This mountain resort city of the Sevier country, Tennessee, is an ideal place for catching up with friends, meeting new people and spending quality time with family.

Pigeon Forge has become the go-to for adrenaline enthusiasts, people who want a calm holiday, and those who like to explore nature.

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