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Important Tips for Raising Children In a World of Technology

Bringing up your kids in today’s tech driven world is not a walk in the park. Having a full control over your kids while allowing them live freely in today’s world can be a bit challenging.

Here’s a few nuggets of wisdom for parents that would help them ease the stress of bringing up their kids in today’s technologically advanced world.

Raising Children In a World of Technology

1] Simplify Electronics

Whether it’s a tablet or smartphone, all electronics have pre-installed applications. It is ideal that you rearrange these apps into a hidden folder to deny your kids access to these apps, while setting down rules for them before they use these apps.

2] Educate Yourself

A lot of parents are not up to date with the recent additions to app driven devices. Parents need to get accustomed with the apps kids use to hide what they do and apps that kids shouldn’t be exposed to till they come of age.

3] Be Patient

As a parent, if you’re not tech savvy it would be a little difficult for you. Exercise some patience with your kids as they educate you on the apps because they know better. Be sure of what your kids use apps for and seek advice from other parents.

4] Teach Cyber ethics

Teaching cyber ethics is almost the same as teaching your kids to live in the society; morals, manners and to think before they speak. It is very easy for kids to abandon their manners as soon as they meet electronic devices, so it is important that you hold monthly meetings to remind them of cyber ethics and put them back on track.

5] The Internet is forever

Make sure that your kid has a full knowledge of what they put out on the internet, as it never goes away. A lot of kids and parents are unaware of the existence of cached web pages which can be accessed by anyone all over the world, so implore them to be careful.

Now more than ever, the society has become highly tech driven, therefore it’s important for parents to raise their kids in a way they believe is right. Some parents use a phone tracking app to ensure the safety of their children on Internet.

Family Orbit is one of these phone tracking apps that allow parents to view phone data like photos, contacts, texts, track GPS location etc. There is no need to be influenced by the actions of other parents, be sure to keep an open mind and open communication with your kids every time and make sure you’re taking the right steps to guard against the dangers of tech on your kids.

6] Social Media Safety

Whether or not social media safety would be necessary is dependent on the age of your kids. A lot of social media platforms require a kid to be older than 13 years old to sign up.

Social Media Safety

However, there are a couple of starter social sites such as Club Penguin which gives kids access to a social life online, while monitoring conversations to ensure safety and also mold them into better individuals when they take on bigger platforms.

Educate your kids on how to set privacy levels on every social media platform, and let them know that as soon as you send something to the internet, it has a cached version saved which doesn’t go away even after you delete.

7] Ask Questions

Finally, keep your kids engaged with questions, as this will help you understand what they’ve been taught by peers at school. Today’s classrooms are equipped with gadgets, so take time to explain the importance of online safety.

Tech safety is very imperative and should be taught from an early stage. Find out if your kids have questions they’d like to ask and things they already know, as this would serve as a guide throughout your discussion.

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