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Best Kodi Builds And How To Install Them On Your Device

Kodi is a broad spectrum streaming app that allows for unique attachments such as Kodi addons and Kodi builds. The features spice up the streaming experience by providing various global content, which is rare on traditional TV or requires subscription fees to enjoy.

Kodi keeps the world entertained through current and past content such as movies, TV shows, music, documentaries, and live TV channels. However, to provide the best Kodi, users need to equip the app with Kodi addons.

Best Kodi Builds

These applications offer the Kodi app with streaming media such as movies, TV shows, music, and more. Kodi app is an empty platform that requires addons to operate.

The addons are designed to host particular content, meaning you require several addons to make a library. To simplify the process, Kodi developers introduced Kodi builds to balance the equation. Kodi builds special applications (unofficial versions) that accommodate numerous addons and provide a spectacular Kodi interface.

Builds offer new Kodi skins and various addons for a better streaming experience. After establishing Kodi builds, the internet hosts thousands of Kodi builds, delivering quality streams and others offering disappointing content.

To avoid the search and installation hassle, we opted to compile a list of the best Kodi builds and how to install them. An important reminder on online streaming is government and ISP are constantly checking your activities.

To keep safe and stream at ease, implement a good VPN service to hide your identity and IP address. It’s not just about the surveillance but also avoids leaking data to the wrong hands.

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Best Kodi builds

Pulse CCM

Pulse CCM is our first choice best build with a variety of video addons. One can enjoy Kid’s entertainment channels, sports, live TV streams, and more for the builds. Pulse CCM doesn’t offer much on skins, but it’s the best, especially on Kids and live streaming.


  • First, activate your Kodi app and proceed to the Home screen.
  • Select “settings” tab and click “system settings”
  • Click “expert mode” >addons.
  • Turn on the apps from the unknown source option to continue with the installation process.
  • Go back to the home screen and click the “settings” option.
  • Next click “file manager” > “add source.”
  • Click the “none” tab enter the build URL, and submit.
  • Enter your preferred name (pulse) and click the “OK” button.
  • Again proceed to the home screen and click “addons.”
  • Select the package installer followed by the tabs “install from zip file”>pulse (the name you selected)> the repository URL.
  • Next click install from zip file >install from repo> program addons> pulse > install.
  • Go to “my addons >program addons>enter the name you selected.
  • Next select browse builds and clicks Pulse CCM.
  • Enter the PIN (scan QR code) and submit.
  • Click “pulse CCM” to start the installation process.
  • Once it’s done, you can watch your favorite content.

The Beast

The Beast is an impressive Kodi build with an extensive library of add-ons and skins. The user can enjoy video content and live streams. It contains movies, sports, kid’s channels, and more streams. The installation is quite similar to the above process.

  • Open the “The Beast” website portal and register for free.
  • Get your password and username, and log in to the website for verification.
  • Next, launch the Kodi app (preferred version).
  • Select the “settings” tab on the home screen followed by the tabs “system settings>expert mode>addons.”
  • Turn on apps from unknown sources and click the “YES” tab on the screen.
  • On the settings page, click “file manager>add source.
  • Click on “none” and enter the build’s URL in the path section.
  • Enter the name Beast and click the “OK” button.
  • Again on Kodi home screen click “addons” > package installer>install from zip file>beast > URL.
  • The page will enable the Beast wizard.
  • Next click “addons>program addons>Beast wizard>settings.
  • Enter the username/email and password you used when creating an account.
  • The system will display different builds, select any to start the download and installation process.
  • Kodi will automatically restart, and “The beast” Kodi build will be installed.

No Limits Magic Build

No limit Magic Build has many third-party addons which offer the latest streaming content. The build’s skins are incredible with a friendly user interface.

  • Open the Kodi home screen and select “settings.”
  • Click system settings>expert mode>addons.
  • Next, enable apps from unknown sources and click “YES.”
  • On the home screen, click “file manager>add source.
  • Select “none” and key in the build’s URL.
  • Key in the name No limit (any other name) and click the “OK” button.
  • Go to the home screen and click addons >package installer>zip file >No limits> URL.
  • Next the page will show a message “addons enabled” > click addons>program addons.
  • Select “No limit build wizard> No limit magic.
  • The installation process is done, Kodi will restart, and you can enjoy the No limit streams.

The installation process is quite similar for all Kodi builds. The above are just a few to mention; other Kodi builds such as Tomb Raider, The Wookie build, and Titanium build.

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